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    QUADRIGA ARTS! The name behind SO MANY sham veteran charities

    All you concerned scam-watchers and fraud-snoopers out there would do well to take heed and jot down the name of Quadriga Arts, one of the most vile companies in the world, as far as many charity-watchers are concerned.

    A simple Google search will uncover gallon after gallon of slime from these sleaze-bags who not only back up fraudulent charities, themselves, but who also leech their way onto REAL charities only to bleed them dry for bogus “services” related to “fund-raising”!

    This is without doubt one of the most disgusting mob operations in existence, and it NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN! What should we do about these disgusting, subhuman pigs?

  2. 12-15-2013, 12:49 PM


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