You know John McAfee, that Internet anti-virus "pioneer" who moved to Belize to avoid paying taxes on his millions and millions of dollars, then went crazy and murdered someone? Turns out doing bath salts night and day isn't his ONLY bad idea!

Try this one on for size: "observational" yoga! It's yoga, but you don't have to actually DO it! All you have to do is watch... kind of like you used to watch 20 Minute Workout back in the 80s without actually working out.

Here's a distilled section of an interview McAfee conducted about his brilliant new innovation:

INTERVIEWER: What makes relational yoga different from other forms of yoga?
JM: I think what's important is not the type of yoga; it's leaving the home and going out and doing something. That's how I came up with observational yoga. It sounds like a ridiculous concept, but it gets you out of the house; it is simply doing something with your life rather than sitting around watching television.
WW: What is observational yoga?
JM: You can pay $200 a month to sit in an easy chair and watch people do yoga up on a stage. There is a scientific basis for this, that through osmosis, as you watch others be active, the observation of something impacts yourself. If you watch someone move in a certain way, you start to mimic that later in the day. ... It would be very difficult to sell this concept in America. I would be shut down on all the claims that it improved health by the government. But here (in Belize) I can make any kind of outrageous claim that I choose and the government can see fit to say that it is okay.

He's basically admitting it's bullshit right up front!

Go dig up the whole interview. It's worth reading as comic relief. I honestly don't know if he's pulling the journalist's leg or what.