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    Where do Morals come from? Evolution versus Creationism

    I've been arguing with my friend about morals and how humans came to have them. He says evolution could not have created morality because if a certain adaptation came along that made morality harmful to the species, it would need to be bred out. I pointed out to him that religion didn't necessarily create moral beings and pointed out atrocities in the bible to prove it.

    But, the question of human morality remains. Evolution works towards assuring species survival. If individuals within a species remain fiercely aggressive and fight each other constantly, survival will be impeded. Isn't it to the benefit of the species to learn co-operation and to get along with each other?

    Do we have morals because God gave them to us via revelation? Or did we EVOLVE morals?

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    Re: Where do Morals come from? Evolution versus Creationism

    strictly my own hypothesis... morals are based on the fact that man is a social animal. As small groups developed into larger units and began to organize themselves into tribes & villages it became necessary to adjust rules of behavior for the good of the group to accommodate the tribe or village. In other words, morals are nothing more than mutually agreed upon rules of social behavior.


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    Re: Where do Morals come from? Evolution versus Creationism

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