People today argue about Star Trek versus Star Wars. I say, a pox on BOTH houses! I much prefer the classic science fiction literature that preceded these two entertainment industry juggernauts.

For instance, there hasn't been a science fiction TV or movie series yet that has captured the awesome expanse of Isaac Asimov's Foundation series. Nor have any of the games, movies or TV series truly captured the majesty of the universe created by Frank Herbert in his ground-breaking DUNE novels.

There have been tons of Philip K. Dick novels turned into movies - some of them, like Bladerunner and Total Recall, done well. But how come we haven't had any movies made from the classic sf novels of Alfred Bester? His Demolished Man and The Stars My Destination rock SO HARD!

Arthur C Clarke was behind the greatest SF movie ever made, 2001 A Space Odyssey, but even HIS greatest SF novel, Childhood's End, has never even come CLOSE to being turned into a movie. Why not? What are they waiting for?!

Anybody else out there love the old-school SERIOUS science fiction lit?