According to the many public research organizations and alternative media outlets campaigning against it, the Trans-Pacific Partnership is the most secretive and least transparent trade negotiations in history, and is nothing less than a blatant, anti-democratic coup d'etat that strikes at the heart of the sovereignty of nations, among other controversial factors. And the vast majority of the populations and societies that will be affected by the agreement don't even know that it's taking place!

According to many leaked documents - which, for some reason, are not being covered by mainstream corporate-controlled news media - the Trans-Pacific Partnership could result in millions of lost jobs.

But that's not all. One letter from Congress to United States Trade Representative Ron Kirk stated, the TPP will create binding policies on future Congresses in numerous areas, including those related to labor, patent and copyright, land use, food, agriculture and product standards, natural resources, the environment, professional licensing, state-owned enterprises and government procurement policies, as well as financial, healthcare, energy, telecommunications and other service sector regulations.

In other words, the Trans-Pacific Partnership legislation goes far FAR beyond mere trade, and gets into some very tricky, sticky areas, indeed.

So how come almost NOBODY knows that this is happening under our very noses?!