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    Scientists capture living cells in micro pyramids!

    Check out this incredible image of a real, living cell trapped inside a tiny - microscopic, in fact - nanotech-created PYRAMID grid!

    Thanks to 3D micro and nano scale fabrication, promising new applications can be found. One of them is applying the micro pyramids for cell research! Thanks to the open 'walls' of the pyramids, the cells interact with each other. Scientists of the research institutes MESA+ and MIRA of the University of Twente in The Netherlands present this new technology and first applications in Small journal of the beginning of December!

    Keep an eye out for this amazing breakthrough!

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    Re: Scientists capture living cells in micro pyramids!

    WHY a pyramid!? how about a cube or octagon, etc!? how do the cells stay ALIVE!? what KIND of cells!? and it looks a little DIRTY around there, what? no housekeeping yet!?(jobs for illegals) and where's a LINK to find out more!? your such a TEASE!? ::cwm2::nervouss::
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    Re: Scientists capture living cells in micro pyramids!

    They should call you Mario, because you just got 1-upped!


    Electrons Confined Inside Nano-Pyramids

    Sep. 28, 2012 Quantum dots are nanostructures of semiconducting materials that behave a lot like single atoms and are very easy to produce. Given their special properties, researchers see huge potential for quantum dots in technological applications. Before this can happen, however, we need a better understanding of how the electrons "trapped" inside them behave. Dresden physicists have recently observed how electrons in individual quantum dots absorb energy and emit it again as light.


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    Re: Scientists capture living cells in micro pyramids!

    The link does not refer to the original posters image.

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