I was reading the London Review of Books this week and there was an article by Andrew O'Hagan, titled "Light Entertainment", about the Jimmy Savile / BBC / Pedophile scandal in England, where it's looking like more and more highly influential and popular cultural and political figures are being dragged into the horrid muck of it all. The key phrase from this important article comes about halfway through its seven thousand words:

"Whatever else it has been in the past, paedophilia was always an institutional disorder, in the sense that it has thrived in covert worlds with powerful elites. Boarding schools and hospitals, yes, churches certainly, but also in our premier entertainment labyrinths."

I think that hits the nail on the head, right there, personally. Of course, the rest of the article is still very much worth reading if you can hunt down a copy of this month's LROB. Most libraries should carry it. But the question remains... How far do you think this pedophile scandal is going to reach into the corridors of British power? Will it ultimately taint even (gulp) the Crown?!