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    Pinehurst 5 Star golf resort hotel and spa

    I stayed there a while back for a weekend and thought the place was pretty....lame.

    How do they get their 5-star rating? It has to be rigged....everything was very expensive, but as for the accommodations, I might as well have stayed at a Hotel 6!

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    Re: Pinehurst 5 Star golf resort hotel and spa

    The best advice is NEVER buying a timeshare anywhere. It is a scam and the so-called timeshare you buy is sold over and over again to other people. It is very difficult to sell your timeshare now and renting isn't in the deal. It will cost you more to buy a timeshare and maintenance fee than to rent a hotel room or a full ownership of a condo. Don't do it. There is good information about timeshare scams: http://www.timesharescam.com/blog/20...f-a-timeshare/

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    Re: Pinehurst 5 Star golf resort hotel and spa

    It is sad to see these grand old properties fall into this state. The hotel's decor is dated and growing sad, but I wouldn't write a critical review if everything else was great. Sadly, it is not.
    The threshold for most of us is that a hotel has to be clean, and my experience was that Pinehurst was not. The blankets were so obviously filthy, they could not be used. Every drinking glass in the room was nasty when held to the light (made me long for a plastic cup). The bathroom was gross. From a decrepit toilet seat to a very very moldy bathmat.
    I am not a clean freak, but this was over the top. Even in their "upscale" dining room, the salt and pepper shakers were dirty and crusty.
    It is a historic spot, but I'm afraid that I won't stay there again.

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