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    How to Lawyer Up if you've been scammed

    Do you know who to call or what to do if a person finds themselves involved in an investment scam? If they've lost money, and need advice on getting it back? How to take someone to court?

    All advice, both expert and otherwise, welcome.

    Current members, please share your wisdom!

    Non members, hurry and sign up so that we can hear from you too....

    There are victims on the inter-web right now that could use your help!

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    Re: How to Lawyer Up if you've been scammed

    I hope you have success in getting your money back. From the cases I've been following (boy did my father get schnookered in his life) there hasn't been anything back. (Oh wait, on a $175,000 investment from about 20 years ago, he received his first remuneration for $51.)

    What does feel right though is reporting it to the SEC. (It will be a civil case and if there is enough evidence it could in the future become a criminal case.)

    Good luck - I hope you get it all back.

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