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    topbrain.net (Top Brain & Star Trainer SCAMS)

    BEWARE of an Employment Scam by a Malaysian training company called ¡®Top Brain¡¯ (www.topbrain.net) & their Singapore-registered subsidiary called ¡®Star Trainer¡¯ (www.startrainer.org). Please note that Star Trainer only has the unverified address of (3, Killiney Road, #04-08, Winsland House, Singapore 239519) but no real office location, which is typical of many scam companies or operations.

    To find out more about the Scams of these 2 companies, please go to the following links :





    OR --- Google Keyword Search : top brain, topbrain


    If you have received the following (extracted) recruitment email letter from them, I advise you to ignore it. Please note that they may have modified the contents (such as the company name from ¡®Top Brain¡¯ to ¡®Star Trainer¡¯ or something else) when it reach your country, to suit the needs of the local people.

    Hi, with regards to your application at Jobstreet.com in Singapore.

    Congratulations you have been short listed to work with us. We are an international group of companies from USA, UK, China, Malaysia, and Singapore of high reputation where we have politicians or internationally renown academicians serving in it.

    For interviewing purpose we will not review any of the names of the companies for we would like to ask questions where we would like to see your answers not knowing our background except the Malaysian company which is Top Brain Sdn. Bhd. where it has a work force of more than 100 staff. The other companies are much bigger than Top Brain.

    The website of Top Brain is www.topbrain.net

    Special points about us

    1) Our group of companies pays in US dollars so after converting into Singapore Dollars you would receive close to double compared to other similar jobs in Singapore.

    2) You get to travel to different countries where the expenses are fully paid including visa and entertainment and stay in 4 star hotel accommodations. The traveling is not too taxing don¡¯t worry. In fact it is real fun for you to get to meet people of different nationalities in our inter companies gatherings, trainings, events, etc.

    Only one fast interview by one of our corporate top management people is needed for you are already short listed among more than 100 applicants. The interview will only last 15 min. because it is done by one of our corporate Top Management person. He or she is trained to evaluated you in 12 to 15 min.

    We also have postings in USA, UK, China, Malaysia, and Singapore and have multiple positions available. It will be an all in one interview. We would like you to make a booking of 5 choices that you can make it in any of these time slots listed below.


    Please bring your Resume (please include your email on the front page of resume), Recent Photo (any size), and photocopy of your ID or passport and place it in a nice multiple pockets clear holder for us. We would like you to present your resume well.

    If you are not selected your Resume, Photo, Photocopy of IC or passport, and your multiple pockets clear holder will be mailed back to you.

    If you are selected you will be paid in US dollars (after converting into Singapore Dollars and your pay will be close to double than other Singaporean companies in similar jobs) you will also have a chance to travel to USA, UK, China and other countries too where it will be an all expenses paid trip (flight, 4 star hotel, food, visa & miscellanies fees, and entertainment).

    So please reply our email with your 5 choices of time slots (Please also state the position you are applying for or the kind of work related position you are looking for. We have many positions in the 5 companies) to either:

    [email protected] (for female applicants reply by clicking here)

    [email protected] (for male applicants reply by clicking here)

    If you really cannot make it for all the time slots please let us know for we have other time and days also. Then please reply to this email by clicking here: [email protected]

    Thank you.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Management, Top Brain


    The following is extracted from the Sales Co-ordinator¡¯s account. Please note that this was an unsolicited email letter as the Sales Coordinator did not apply to TopBrain or StarTrainer ! That is, they also extracted the Employee Records from the Jobstreet Database !

    Please take a look at the following link regarding the Sales Coordinator in ¡®Yahoo! Answers¡¯ :


    Is This a Scam????


    Can anyone please help me to check the letter below if it is a scam or not.


    From : Manhattan Manufacturing & Marketing
    To :

    Hi, with regards to your application at JobsStreet.com

    Congratulations you have been appointed to work with Star Trainer and Top Brain which are joint venture international companies.

    Our website is www.topbrain.net

    Top Brain and Star Trainer are companies in Malaysia and Singapore under the advisory of United States and China. You would be paid in international currency which is US dollars.

    Please call Dr Timothy Koh immediately at +6012-3907333 (anytime) if you would like to ask any questions. Please do not sms him but call him and quote him this code STTB1.

    Your salary will be paid in US dollars and you will also have a chance to travel to USA and China twice a year where it will be an all expenses paid trip (flight, 4 star hotel or serviced condominiums, food, short tours, visa & miscellanies fees, and entertainment). Your stay in USA will be between 4 to 6 months a year (2 to 3 months per trip) and for China Between 2 to 4 weeks per year (1 to 2 weeks per trip). This will give you are great chance to see these 2 great superpowers of the world.

    Your appointment is to work as a Sales Coordinator. And your salary will be starting from 2850 US Dollars minimum per month excluding bonuses.

    You are to start work in any 1st day of the month, the earlier the better for example in 1st October or in 1st November or in 1st December but your papers needs to be processed first at the immigration before you can start work.

    Please reply this email and tell us your feedback and ask any questions. Let us also know your availability on when to start work in Singapore/Malaysia then within a few months you will be sent to USA/China for official work in our other organizations.

    If you are serious about taking up this job offer please send us a deposit of $168.90 in Singapore Dollars to this account below for your job processing such as the visa application, courier fees, processing fees, etc.

    This $168.90 Singapore Dollars will be refunded to you together with your first months salary when you start working.

    Please make payment of $168.90 Singapore Dollars to Star Trainer.

    Account Name : Star Trainer
    DBS Bank Account Number : 001-903378-0

    Bank Address and Contacts
    DBS Bank Ltd, 6, Shenton Way
    DBS Building Tower 2 Basement
    Singapore 068809 Tel: 1800-1111 111 Fax: 65.6878 1980

    Thank you.

    Yours sincerely,

    Top Brain and Star Trainer


    The following is extracted from a Singaporean victim called Jeremy who lost about US$560 (¡®Payment for Training¡¯) to TopBrain :

    ¡±Nice to have found this support group so to speak. My name is Jeremy from Singapore and I seek advice and help regarding a likely employment scam.

    I was recently offered a job 'too good to be true'.

    During the interview; where the ostensible 'Dr' (Timothy Koh Ming Kwang) of memory and human intelligence made a show of declaring how he's financially secured, and newspaper clippings of his local (Malaysian) achievements in memory work.

    He claimed to be trained in reading body language, and could expertly assessed a person's character in a matter of minutes. After the interview, he said that he had a favourable impression of me, and that with his recommendation, a job offer was probably within the family of companies he represented. My suspicions were initially aroused when I was asked to cough up $100 for processing fees, and that I'd be reimbursed if no offer came my way. I felt slightly cheated - and realized it could've been some type of confidence game. But the sum given being small, I thought nothing further of it.

    I met this 'Dr' in person, and was told to cough up US$2000 to activate a special employee's account where the interest was of a high rate. He appeared to compromise after I told him I didn't have that kind of money to deposit, and agreed to 'help' by generously lending me $1500 of his own money first while I fork out the balance.

    I'm supposed to be trained by this world-renowned trainer in memory, and was actually supplied materials to learn. But try as I might, I couldn't find any details from reputable international bodies regarding this self-proclaimed 'one of only seven grandmasters in memory'.

    The memory notes looked real enough though on close inspection - I'd some prior experience in memory work. But the escrow company in Singapore that's suppose to receive the balance of my money - well the PO address given isn't true.¡±

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    topbrain.net (Top Brain & Star Trainer SCAMS)

    For the benefit of all, I will copy from 'fraudwatchers.org' regarding another scam victim by the name of 'Ms Andeka' who had lost so far the highest amount of US$4000 !!


    "I'm also being conned by the Topbrain management and had actually lost a total of US $4000 for opening a Topbrain account! Is there anything that we could do about this and get our money back!"

    The following is quoted from another Singaporean victim of TopBrain & StarTrainer, called Patricia (zenko) who had lost about US$2160 !


    "Hi , My name is Patricia. I am also a victim of this scam Top Brain and the so called Dr Timothy Koh Ming Kwang. I was offered a job in Hawaii but I turned down and chose to base in Singapore. Was offered US$5500 a month as Master Trainer. Same as Jeremy and Joseph, 'Dr' Koh was very friendly in the first interview held in September. I paid $250 for the so called processing fee.

    When I was offered the job two weeks later, this Dr Koh called me and told me that he was willing to come to Singapore to train me since he was going to be busy with his own company called Star Trainer. Before he came to Singapore, he told me that I could consider working with Star Trainer rather than Top Brain. He told me to use October, Nov and Dec to earn money with Star Trainer and then decide whether which company to work with in Jan 2007.

    Dr Koh asked me to pay US$2000 as a commitment to work with Top Brain for 15 months. Interest will be paid to me with principle after 15 months lapsed. I asked him to input this clause in the employment letter which I subsequently signed on 26 Oct.

    This is supposed to be a memory course worth US$10000 but the truth is that I received than than 8 hours of training from him. I passed the exams with flying colours and was awarded a certificate as Master Trainer. All the while, I felt that the was too superficial and not properly conducted since he was supposed to be great grandmaster.

    He stayed in Singapore from 20 October to 12 November. On 9 Nov, he told me to decide quickly whether to stay with Top Brain or join Star Trainer. I replied on the 12 Nov that I chose to stay with Top Brain.

    On 13 Nov, when he was back in KL, he called me urgently, telling me that he had a argument with Dr Chow Mei Ling, the President. Told me that the investors would pull out of the deal to invest in Singapore because he has decided to resign as the Vice President. Asked me to consider again his offer. I said no to him again. This time, he said that there would not be any communication between he and me and for all matters regarding Top Brain, I have to sort out myself.

    After this conversation, I began to suspect him.I called up Top Brain number in KL (Central Plaza) and realized that it is merely a virtual office and that the staff there have only seen this so called Dr Koh and no other management staff before. All correspondences are also for him only. Besides, the company only leased Central Plaza office in early july. When I called him and questioned him on the Top Brain staff, (where are they based , number of staff, where are training conducted), he seemed evasive and upset that I 'interrogated' him.

    Told me not to call him anymore as he was not interested in anything to do with Top Brain. That was the last time we spoke. I lodged a police report on 16 November - D/20061116/2058. I also lodged another report at the Commercial Affairs Depart later. Joseph, pls indicate your police report when you post reply because together, we can persuade the police to build up our case and investigate. When I spoke to the police, they said that they are still thinking about the case only. We need them to take action before there are more victims falling to this scam.

    I also know that he was in Singapore in early December (maybe still around) to interview applicants for StarTrainer. When Timothy Koh tried to get me to join StarTrainer, he merely offered profit sharing, but no salary. When I insisted, he said that the company just starting, so profit sharing is the best.

    My last contact with him was 16 Nov. I was surprised when I received a email from Star Trainer( early Dec) to attend interview. In the email, it claimed that it has positions for trainers, lecturers, motivators and so forth in more than 30 districts in Singapore. He used exactly the same method as he had used to con people to apply for Top Brain (he advertised both Top Brain and Star Trainer using jobstreet.com) Claimed many openings in overseas and paying in USdollars.

    When I called the so called Dr Chow and other management staff, no one answered. This is because, this is merely a one -man show. There is no one called Dr Chow. He is the same person who answer the emails purportedly belonging to Dr Chow, Sarah (Secretary) and Phil Tan (Strategist Master). He has a girl friend called Abigail (maybe she is also an accomplice).

    For all people out there, if you have been cheated by these 2 companies , pls lodge police report immediately. We need to unite to get the police to investigate."

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    topbrain.net (Top Brain & Star Trainer SCAMS)

    To: All victims of TopBrain & StarTrainer,

    I quote from Benjamin (Benam) at post #15 in 419Legal who is a SPH (Singapore Press Holdings) reporter :


    "Joseph, Jeremy and Patricia, I'm hoping that you'd all like to come forward with documents (including the police reports,etc). I believe I have contacted each of you individually but so far, only Joseph has gotten back to me.

    I would like to meet up with you guys so that I can get more details and possibly any transcripts of communication between Timothy and you guys.

    I hope to run the article by next week, so please get back to me soon via e-mail: [email protected] or you can call me at 6319 5324."

    I urge all of you to come forward to speak up against TopBrain & StarTrainer scams by contacting the SPH journalist Benjamin, as he's trying to run an article about them soon in order to alert the public, and hopefully we can also galvanize our actions together by getting the Singapore Authorities to treat the cases more seriously before incriminating them.

    It is really sad that a well-trained Con-Artist like Timothy Koh can walk free in any country and conduct his scam operations in any way he pleases because most of the victims are afraid to voice out against him ! Are Singaporeans a timid lot of people ??

    Is it because you feel that these scam cases so far are not serious or criminal enough for you to come forward ? What happens if Timothy Koh were a violent serial rapist and he had raped you or your family members ? Will you be treating such cases more seriously because you think that they are criminal in nature ? Or are you going to allow yourselves to be victimized quietly because Timothy says that he will definitely harm you if you report to the police ?

    Please take a stand for justice to be done, not just in Singapore but also for the sake of our neighbour countries as Timothy Koh had recently posted the same SCAM recruitment advertisement in Hong Kong !!

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    topbrain.net (Top Brain & Star Trainer SCAMS)

    Quote Originally Posted by Patricia

    "I called up Top Brain number in KL (Central Plaza) and realized that it is merely a virtual office and that the staff there have only seen this so called Dr Koh and no other management staff before. All correspondences are also for him only. Besides, the company only leased Central Plaza office in early july. When I called him and questioned him on the Top Brain staff, (where are they based , number of staff, where are training conducted), he seemed evasive and upset that I 'interrogated' him."

    "When I called the so called Dr Chow and other management staff, no one answered. This is because, this is merely a one -man show. There is no one called Dr Chow. He is the same person who answer the emails purportedly belonging to Dr Chow, Sarah (Secretary) and Phil Tan (Strategist Master). He has a girl friend called Abigail (maybe she is also an accomplice)."

    The TRUTH is out ! Timothy Koh Ming Kwang is probably a full-time career CON-ARTIST from Malaysia !! Which also means that he is no 'Dr', no 'GrandMaster of Memory', and of course not to mention his additional 'Great' title to 'GrandMaster'.

    After reading Patricia's (zenko) account and having spoken to 'flowerscholar', it became apparent that TopBrain's head office at Central Plaza in Kuala Lumpur is just a FAKE virtual office, leased only very recently in July 2006 in order to give a credible appearance to Timothy Koh's corporate image as Vice-President when he had decided to come to Singapore to launch his SCAM operations !!

    The following people in TopBrain either do not exist or are acting as accomplices to the Scam : 'Dr' Chow Mei Ling (Great GrandMaster), Phil Tan (GrandMaster), Sarah Chew (GrandMaster), Penny Ong (GrandMaster), Edwin Goh, Aivan Liew & Sam Koid (GrandMaster).

    You can refer to their names, titles & positions in www.topbrain.net

    Abigail, who is Timothy Koh's girlfriend, is real and a Singaporean, because I had spoken to her on several occasions. She might be Timothy's accomplice, though unknowingly.

    In all probability, Timothy Koh is acting out all their roles ! To be more precise due to their positions and relationship in this virtual company, we can say that 'Dr' Chow Mei Ling = 'Dr' Timothy Koh Ming Kwang, and 'Dr' Timothy Koh = 'Dr' Chow. This is because the 'Great GrandMaster' 'Dr' Chow as the President has absolute decision making power in TopBrain. Therefore they should be the same person !

    What about their supposed Advisors as stated in their website, such as Prof. Emeritus Dato' Dr. Khoo Kay Kim, YB Dato' Ir. Donald Lim Siang Chai & Prof. Dato' Mohd Yunus Mohd Noor ?? Apparently, they are all fake too ! If they are genuine, they should be undertaking lawsuits against TopBrain for showing their pictures on their webpage and be implicated in their illegal scams.

    Once again, I urge all the victims out there, Please don't be afraid to come forward to report to Singapore Police and write in the forums, because "Together as a group, the relevant authorities will pick up the case faster & treat it more seriously. The group may wish to get a legal case file against the company to pursue the case, if the relevant parties are prosecuted and also to claim back whatever amount the authorities can recovered."

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    topbrain.net (Top Brain & Star Trainer SCAMS)

    The following is quoted from 'RubbishCollector' in 419Legal at posting #20 :


    Hi there....

    I am who has willingly entangled herself in this messy crap!! I was from the earlier batch...interview held at Shagri La and was appointed as a Trainer to work in Hawaii!! USD$8000 was too good to be true.

    Same thing....I told Timothy I didn't have USD$2000 and he told me to for out USD$500 (+ 50 for trying out their food delivery to the Subang Guesthouse) while he came up with USD$1500. All this while, I knew something was wrong somewhere and even my husband agreed but we just couldn't figure it out so we decided to play along....all the way till Hawaii.

    YES!! We knew something was definitely amiss. Dr Chow cancelled the briefing so that we can spend Xmas with out family and told us to report to Hawaii. She said that her representative will attend to me there and I was supposed to mail her my flight details....PLEASE NOTE THAT I HAVE ONLY CORRESPONDED VIA EMAIL THIS WHOLE TIME, EVERYTIME I TRIED CALLING HER COMPANY MOBILE, IT WAS EITHER OFF OR THERE WAS NO ANSWER!

    Ok....on with the story....which company would act so unprofessionally by not providing you with the details such as accommodation address, office address (I was only told Seven Waterfront Plaza and that they were planning on naming the company Great Hawaiian Management), visa details....etc. I had been bugging and bugging Timothy since Oct re. the type of visa I will be travelling on and all the way he kept telling me to let the management handle it.

    Even after he informed me that he was no longer with the company and that I was to divert all my correspondences to Dr Chow, I still kept calling him. Each time he would tell me that he is not in the position to answer as he is no longer with Top Brain. One day, I just exploded and told him not to give me any of his bull crap story...then he started talking and said that he was in Hawaii at that moment and although he has left Top Brain, he is still doing some consultation work with Top Brain because of his knowledge and experience (Yeah, relevant SCAMMING EXPERIENCE!!) and he said that Hawaii is still on, Dr Chow is a busy woman....still didnt want to give out the office address until I blurted out by asking if it was a virtual office....he kept silent for a few seconds and then he said yes.

    Even then, he kept telling me to let the management handle my visa application, accommodation...etc. I was even told not to keep rushing them!! He told me that I can meet up with him there if things do not work out in Hawaii and to call him when I am there. Alright.....I already knew that this people were out to con me but I wanted to catch them red handed. So after the wonderful email from Dr Chow informing that the company account was frozen and that everything will go on according to the MOU, I just thought...WOW...GREAT TIMING!

    So...my hubby told me to carry on with the Hawaii trip...then only will I find out if the offer was really genuine or just a big big scam! So I emailed Dr Chow my flight details and she replied...told me to head to Hyatt Hotel in Waikiki and wait by the waterfall. Also told me to sms her once i reach and a representative will attend to me from there. In my heart, I knew there was not going to be anyone receiving me!! Which employer would withhold address and contact information from an employee!?!

    Landed at 7.40am in the morning and took a cab there....my phone was not receiving so had to buy a calling card...called my hubby who then smsed her and tried calling...mobile was off. I then called Timothy and he told me that he was going to arrange for someone to fetch me. I then called him back in half hour and he said that Dr Chow was overseas...urgent meeting! Hahaha!! Told me to hang on there...I did so for an hour....feeling super jetlagged...then i called him back and said that I was checking into a hotel...he still told me not to check myself in and to hang on....that was when i told him off!!

    Then he told me to give him a break...it was New Year's Eve and how was he supposed to get someone to fetch me. I got pissed off and told him that it was Dr Chow who agreed to get someone to meet me there on that day itself so it wasn't my freaking fault!! He said that I was supposed to source for my own accommodation and claim it from the company. I got mad and said that it was a breach of contract and he said that it wasn't and it was as stated in the contract. (Timothy told me in Singapore that a mansionnette was provided. I was to be given one room. If i wasn't ok with it, I can then leave to source for my own. Now he is going back on his word). At this point, I was fuming mad. I said I would call him back with my hotel contact details which I did and he told me that he would get back to me soon.

    I slept throughout and then my phone was able to receive already....I smsed him and called him but no reply. Next morning, spoke with him and he said that either he or someone else would meet me up on 2nd Jan and that was only after my repeated calls and smses! No one met up with me and he didn't have the decent courtesy to call me.....

    Then on 3rd Jan morning, he called up my hotel and said that I was to go to the beach and do the same training that he did with me on the 20 word memory thingy and that I was supposed to use my digi cam. I told him that I didn't have a camera (Actually, I did) and he told me to purchase one. I told him no way was I going to purchase one and spend more money for the sake of the company!!

    I started asking him who the partners were...said that I didnt have to know as I am employed by Top Brain and that office was still being set up and that he would apply for a work permit for me. I kept bombarding and repeating the questions to him over and over again and told him that he was trying to get me into **** as it would be considered that I was soliciting for business on a VISITORS VISA!

    He then told me off by saying that I was asking too many questions and that if i could't even carry on with a simple task assigned, then I am not fit to be part of Top Brain! I then told him in exact words.... Damn You. F*** your company and F*** off! I then sent him a nasty email threatening to expose him and dr chow.

    Imagine that! I enjoyed myself for a few more days before heading back home. I have already made a police report at cantonment police station. I am urging everyone who is part of this scam to come forward. In unison, we can convince the public and the police.


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    starmindusa.com (Star Mind, Star Trainer, Top Brain SCAMS)

    Latest Announcement

    Beware and be informed, as is typical of any Scam, that 'Star Trainer' (www.startrainer.org) has been changed to 'Star Mind' (www.starmindusa.com), though it still retains the parent company name of 'Top Brain' (www.topbrain.net) which is the originator of the Employment Scam.

    Also note that Timothy Koh Ming Kwang has been changed to 'Huna'. Therefore Huna = Timothy Koh, in person.

    There are principally 6 ways in which the Con-Artist Timothy Koh @ Huna will try to con your money, in exchange for an offered salary that is 'Too Good to be True !' :

    1) (starting off with a small amount) Processing fee for employment (US$30 -- $60)

    2) (Fake) Charity in Thailand or whatever country (US$70 -- $200)

    3) Pledge money to 'activate' TopBrain's 'international account' -- US$2000

    4) (Hidden) Payment for Memory Training -- US$2000

    5) Star Mind membership -- USD$5000 per year

    6) Invest in his virtual company StarMind Corporation -- US$ XXX millions. I will quote from starmindusa.com website :
    "There are 100 000 000 shares in Starmind Corporation and they are paid at USD 1 per share. Majority of these shares are owed by Great Grandmaster Huna and Ms. Jennifer Gaul the CEO. The other investors and shareholders make up the rest of the minority shares."

    Drawing inference from the account of 'RubbishCollector', we believe that 'Ms. Jennifer Gaul the CEO' is probably a fake character whom Timothy Koh @ Huna just simply snapped a picture of without permission on Waikiki beach !

    Please note that starmindusa.com website is only set up very recently on 15th Jan 2007 ! Its unprofessional design & style closely matches startrainer.org & topbrain.net.

    I copied from Whois.net the following information :

    Domain: starmindusa.com
    Status: Protected


    Created: 2007-01-15
    Expires: 2009-01-15
    Last Modified: 2007-01-16 21:39:32

    Registrant Contact:

    Koh Ming Kwang ([email protected])
    1720 ala moana blvd ste c-201
    honolulu, hawaii, US 96815
    P: +60.172184872 F: +60.356310195

    Administrative Contact:

    Starmind Corporation
    Koh Ming Kwang ([email protected])
    1720 ala moana blvd ste c-201
    honolulu, hawaii, US 96815
    P: +60.172184872 F: +60.356310195

    Technical Contact:

    Exa Bytes Network Sdn Bhd
    Chan Kee Siak ([email protected])
    1-2-28 Mayang Mall Jalan Mayang Pasir 1
    Bayan Lepas, Penang, MY 11950
    P: +604.6308283 F: +604.6308288

    Billing Contact:

    Starmind Corporation
    Koh Ming Kwang ([email protected])
    1720 ala moana blvd ste c-201
    honolulu, hawaii, US 96815
    P: +60.172184872 F: +60.356310195

    Since Timothy Koh Ming Kwang is now based in Hawaii to launch his Scam operations in America (after Singapore & Hong Kong), I hope that Americans will alert their Law Enforcement authorities in Hawaii & mainland America of the risk posed by this full-time career Con-Artist called 'Huna', who will take on various guises (including different company names) in order to deceive people that he is a financially-secure corporate President or Vice-President with the additional title of 'Great GrandMaster of World Memory'.

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    brightedu.org (BrightEdu, Star Mind SCAMS)

    Please be informed that, as is typical of Timothy Koh Ming Kwang's SCAM, 'Star Mind' (www.starmindusa.com) has once again been changed to 'BrightEdu' (www.brightedu.org).

    Also note that 'Huna' has been changed to 'Roger K.'. Therefore Roger K.= Timothy Koh, in person.

    For more information regarding StarMind, TopBrain & StarTrainer scams, please refer to the previous postings above.

    The ways in which this Con-Artist Timothy Koh will try to con your money remain about the same. He is running out of ideas in his imagination to promote his scam, and of course, he is not as intelligent as he claimed since he is no 'Dr', MBA or BA !

    I quote from 'ashbecker' in http://forum.aa419.org/viewtopic.php?t=8155, submitted on Wed Feb 14, 2007 :

    Hi everyone,

    This is written in Feb 14, 2007.

    This Starmind/Top Brain is now working under the name of brightedu.org (www.brightedu.org). And this Dr. Timophy Koh has changed his name to Roger K.

    Recently, he is recruiting people for his so called company in Hong Kong.

    The way he try to con people's money is about the same. But instead of asking you to pay for training, he now ask you to pay for deposit for his 'friends' in Hawaii for accomodation.

    Please be advised and do not fall for his scheme. And thank you for you guys posting it on the site, so I know this is indeed a scam.
    I also quote from post #18 in http://fraudwatchers.org/forums/showthread.php?t=3672 :

    Hi everyone,

    Just to let everyone know, this Dr. Timophy Koh Ming Kwang is now operating in Hong Kong, under the name of Dr. Roger K.

    My father recently received a reply to his job application and met with this "Dr" person. He is now using brightedu.org as his cover up. And instead of asking my father to pay money up front, he told my father that he has to pay for the deposit of housing over in Hawaii once he relocate there.

    It aroused his suspicious, so we went online to check him out and found this post.

    Please note that brightedu.org website is only set up very recently on 8th Feb 2007 ! The design and contents are almost exactly the same as starmindusa.com !

    I copied from Whois.net the following information :

    Domain: BrightEdu.org


    Created On: 08-Feb-2007
    Expiration Date: 08-Feb-2008

    Sponsoring Registrar:Web Commerce Communications Limited (R140-LROR)

    Registrant ID:wn-r1283502212
    Registrant Name:BrightEdu Organization
    720 ala moana blvd
    ste c 201
    honolulu, hawaii, 96815, US

    [email protected]

    Tech ID:wn-t1283502212
    Tech Name:Chan Kee Siak
    Exa Bytes Network Sdn Bhd
    1-2-28 Mayang Mall
    Jalan Mayang Pasir 1
    Bayan Lepas, Penang, 11950, MY

    [email protected]

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    Re: topbrain.net (Top Brain & Star Trainer SCAMS)

    Koh Ming Kwang is back in Malaysia. He turned up at my church last week. Sensing that something was not right with him, I googled him and found this site.

    He's living in Subang. Anyone looking for him?

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    Re: kohmingkwang.org

    Beware that Koh Ming Kwang, the career Con-Artist from Malaysia, has recently launched his SCAM website again, www.kohmingkwang.org. This new domain webpage looks about the same as his previous ones (Brightedu, Starmind, StarTrainer, TopBrain) and as before, it is unprofessionally designed by himself.

    As expected of any seasoned Scammer and Con-artist, 'Dr' Timothy Koh has to regularly change and re-launch his websites with different domain names but basically still using the same contents as before. However this fake 'Dr' is really running out of ideas to carry out his new Scam campaigns ! Hence he has no much choice but to try to attack the existing bad publicity surrounding him, and to continue his feeble attempts to uphold his false (fake) image of a 'good' guy with a 'big heart' trying to help the disadvantaged kids in Asia. Quoted from this website, "He (Koh Ming Kwang) was involved in things like feeding the hungry and homeless orphans and showed love to these young children who live in the streets. He even stood for the rights of these children against obnoxious officers who tried to bully them." What obnoxious Bullsh*t ! He can write as much of these fake testimonials as he wants, but it is really obnoxious trying to wring as much sympathy money$$ from the unsuspecting public who may donate into his personal pockets.

    Did you notice that the photographs taken of the kids from the Charity webpage are of coarse and poor quality ? Based on our previous experiences with him, he will take opportunity to snap pictures of persons in public places, or download them from the Internet, and then paste them onto his websites to pass as his own !! Did you also notice that some of the testimonial letters (after clicking the hyperlinks on kids' pictures) are of the same duplicate repeats ? Incredible but true. Well, this is not surprising to us as we had encountered before.

    But please do not be fooled by his big sheepish smile and 'kind' bespectacled look ! He was called the inventor of "Ming Memory Method" 'Memory Doctor', the President of World Memory and Intelligence Body in Melbourne, Australia and (previously) the Champion of Super Memory Championship in Melbourne. Now he claimed that it was his team who won the World Super Memory Youth Championship in Melbourne. But if you do a thorough search on the Net, there is no record of he or his team winning any championship at all in any country !! Which means that the newpapers citations or quotations about him are most probably fake, or that they had been deceived into believing that he was the genuine 'Dr' Koh in Memory Championship.

    What is his ultimate purpose ? He just wants to Con your money $$$. Plain and simple. I really hope that the Law enforcement authorities in the respective country that he visits will take legal actions against him.

    The following information is extracted from Whois Domain lookup service. You can refer to his previous Scam websites www.brightedu.org, www.starmindusa.com for continuing his 'StarMind Corporation'. Also do a comparison in the design & contents between StarMind & kohmingkwang.org. He is just a Wolf in Sheep's skin by making some superficial changes !


    Created On: 02-Jul-2007

    Last Updated On: 02-Jul-2007 02:34:19 UTC
    Expiration Date: 02-Jul-2009 02:22:01 UTC

    Name: Koh Ming Kwang
    Organization: Starmind Corporation
    Street1: 1720 ala moana blvd, ste c-201
    Honolulu, HI, 96815
    Country: US
    Phone: +1.172184872
    Email: [email protected]

    Name Server: NS79.MSCHOSTING.COM
    Name Server: NS80.MSCHOSTING.COM

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