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    The truth behind Paid Surveys

    Nope Im not a newbie so I know better :p and Im not even going to post any of the nifty articles about taking surveys that I have written to try and make it sound like I know what Im talking about :rolleyes: and Im definately NOT going to use one of the dozens of threads we already have here (that would be good manners for goodness sake!). :cool: Im just going to tell you the facts. Before making the decision to take surveys read through all of the threads that are already here. Make an informed decision, use a good and legitimate list and most of all know and understand what you are getting into. They are a LOT of fun and personally I enjoy them but they aren't for everyone.

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    Re: The truth behind Paid Surveys

    Katie's corner that was a good post I learned a lot about paid surveys from it.
    Absolutely free paid surveys- Paid Survey Sites

    Submit and Read Reviews of Paid Survey - Paid Survey Reviews
    Are paid online surveys a scam ? Find out here

    The Blog About Paid Surveys... Paid Surveys A Scam

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