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    CYCLE- OF- WAR CULTURE- Its Origins ?

    CYCLE- OF- WAR CULTURE- Its Origins ?

    Hitler and the Nazis ended up the way they started out. Hitler tended to overextend, as in his earliest overt political maneuver, the Beer House Pusch coup attempt. He got knocked down in the effort, and was imprisoned largely BECAUSE he was overextended. He was forced to retreat and regroup. Supposedly, he eventually emerged from this early defeat BIGGER and farther ahead than if he had not initially taken the early risk. Yet, many of his later strategies and moves came to the same end : extremely swift violent impulsive pushes followed by severe exhaustion and then final collapse of the entire Nazis system and the German nation he held hostage. But their cultural meme ( mental gene ) did not die out- it was transferred across the Atlantic to infect the Allied victors of the conflict that Hitler inspired, or rather perpetuated.

    Ironically, THOSE victors, who claimed to be saving the world, were the first to use the Atomic Bomb, the very first deployment of this historic new weapon saw its use in vengeance and anger against masses of unarmed Japanese civilians. And now today, those same Allied victors seek to prevent the proliferation of this class of weapons to nations seeking to defend themselves from the same Allied block who already proved they were capable of using the same kind of weapon on occasions and for purposes other than for self- defense or strictly for national survival.

    This virulent cultural meme was successfully passed along as an unseen and undetected mental ' virus ' from nation to nation, spreading around the world. It is a meme that learns from the tactics and technology of the aggressor enemy, and then attempts a one- upsmanship power play. It is also the old instinct to innovate in the application of more ' conventional ' weapons, whichever weapons work for whatever they are worth, as in the fire bombings of German and Japanese cities. The fire bombings were just cheap- and- dirty old warfare, the biggest bang for the buck in those days, ultimately intended to send a message to indirectly pressure the leadership by inflicting huge social costs at home.

    Todays ' smart weapons ' more directly target leadership, again, ' command and control ', primarily. The larger social motivations for fighting a war, the nation's will to organize and sustain a defense against the Allied aggressor, is thus temporarily scattered and quelled thereby, only to bubble up and boil over in an ' informal ', socially popular guerilla war of attrition.

    For a time, the conflict is containable, from the viewpoint of the Allies. Controllable that is, until the costs become too high and there comes a retreat of political will, followed by a loosening of the Allied grip. Then the defending nation experiences the rise of a radical extremist leader who organizes a local military police state to ' prevent ' the humiliating invasions and losses suffered ' from ever happening again '. This response is also very convenient for the Allies, who then have yet another excuse to invade and conquer again whenever it is to their advantage to do so. Back and forth, the cycle continues. And so, too, the lies.

    The only hope we may have to break this cycle of world- scale violence is possibly to be found in exposing it, describing its methods and the psychological and cultural mechanisms by which it proliferates. Telling the patient that yes, he is sick, and reviewing all the symptoms, a spiritual illness of the heart and mind and spirit, and applying the cure to treat those symptoms FIRST.

    Sick cultural memes are also spread by WORD of mouth, its germs are arrogant IDEAS, hateful EMOTIONS, angry FEELINGS, atrocious ACTIONS; likewise, open- minded and healing cultural memes can also be spread effectively by MOVING WORDS of mouth, its vectors are TOLERANT ideas, LOVING emotions, COMPASSIONATE feelings, heroic and courageous ACTIONS.

    Along those lines, I wonder whether there may be much more to the technological acquisitiveness, addiction, fascination, that humans and their cultures came to be infected with, and the nature of their technology's relentless, cohesive advancement. I do have to wonder whether possibly certain key devices or principles of discovery of ' our ' technologies were introduced from sources outside this planet's natural biosphere. Maybe repeatedly, at key junctures of human historical experience.

    If so, this would mean that although our biological evolution may not have been specifically directed ( being entirely by natural selection ), aspects of our cultural evolution WERE directed. ( ' Influenced ' would effectively mean the same here. )

    It is the concept of the UFO Grays having Hijacked Human Cultural Evolution.

    Kevin Puppos
    Cosmic Anthropologist,
    Working towards a Masters Degree in EXO- Politics.....

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    Re: CYCLE- OF- WAR CULTURE- Its Origins ?

    yes!?of course!?...............but then we must consider the mass influence of , mass eradification of human values/traits by the mass media's glorification of the status QUO!?which is nothing more than the HIDING of the reality of ESXISTENCE by domination OF THE current POLITICAL FLAVOR or dominance of those that CRAVE a superior EXISTENCE both physically and ROMANTICALLY a FORM of spiritually!?(mindset!?)hehe!!

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    Re: CYCLE- OF- WAR CULTURE- Its Origins ?

    speaking of hitler, he was also using black magic and had his mind fixed on the spear of destiny, which he used to gain power.. and of the bomb dropped on japan it interesting to note that the same original ground zero now finds itself cropping up in new york city, but that has been convienently forgotten about.

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    Re: CYCLE- OF- WAR CULTURE- Its Origins ?

    as a further note!?has the way of culture been excxlusivly been made independent of society at LARGE@!?or to put it another way,has economic trend become the soothsayer of economic developement!?

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