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    This is very interesting

    If you reach the entry in Wikipedia for "EXPEDIA" you will find (sometimes) a section about "customer Feedback" that says :
    "As is common with large internet travel agencies, some customers have been unsatisfied with various aspects of Expedia.com products and services. Customer complaints include lost reservations, erroneous hotel accommodations, poor customer service, and failure to post negative reviews online at Expedia.com ......'

    What is very interesting is that if you check another day the same entry, the section about "customer feedback" misteriously dissapear. That means that someone is helping EXPEDIA to delete their negative aspects from wikipedia.
    I had been following that entry for few days and I noticed that someone (I swear it wasn't me) write that section in Wikipedia and someone else erase from there.

    What is more interesting is that the entry for orbitz (although contains a negative section called "controversies" ) was not erased.

    This is another reason people should be aware of EXPEDIA.
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