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    Page 3 offers help


    I'm starting another 2K gift card (this time helping the BF out w/one) and page three looks like this:
    6 x Discover card offers - not gonna touch these

    1. Blockbuster - Will Do
    2. Video Professor - Will Do
    3. Columbia House - Will Do
    4. People PC - Will Do
    5. Onlingo - Will Do
    6. Advantage Language - Will Do
    7. eBay ToolKit - Will Do
    I've done all except Ebay & Columbia house, I know I have 10 days to cancel Columbia, but what about eBay?

    Premium Wine - not sure if I want more cheap wine, I know he won't
    "Fire Your Boss" - not sure of this one
    Sirius -
    Vonage - (sign up, get one month free, haven't clicked on it yet, not sure how long you have to sign up for)
    Sunrocket - $199/year "risk free" and a $75 launch kit free. Anybody done this and cancelled w/success?

    So, I've got 7 for sure that I'll do -- of the remaining offers which two would you pick and/or how often do they refresh?

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    Re: Page 3 offers help

    I've done Fire Your Boss, Sunrocket, and Vonage with no problems. All of them credited, I know Vonage wasn't instant, but might have been the next day (once my order was shipped?).

    You can get a refund for FYB eventhough it says you can't For Sunrocket you can sign up for the cheapest package, but I don't know if you can keep the phone with that one (I think it's only free with the $199, but you can return it), and Vonage will give you a full refund.

    Haven't done the wine or Sirius, but I'd suggest the others. The wine isn't supposed to be very good, and it sounds like it can take a while to ship/credit. Sirius might charge a fee for cancelling, so watch out for that. Vonage says there's a fee, but you have 30 days to cancel w/o a fee.

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    Re: Page 3 offers help

    SunRocket and Fire Your Boss are the way to go for sure. Sirius is great, but it's too new right now. No one I know has done it. The wine sucks so stay away. If you can get Pitney Bowes to come up by refreshing the page a million times, it's good as well. Costs $30 bucks, but it's in postage so you can use that right up in sending stuff back.


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    Re: Page 3 offers help

    How bad is the wine? I'm perfectly content drinking wine from a box or buying the $5.00 bottles in the liquor store. How does it compare?

    Also, can you tell me a bit more about Sunrocket and Vonage? Can you sign up for the lowest plan and still get the credit? Will it look odd if you sign up for tweo home phone offers?

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