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    How wide is Plastic Surgery Scams?

    Hi All,

    We're trying to find out about the scams, used in the anti-wrinkle and plastic surgery...

    Are there any Scam.com members who can help us, warning people of these scams and frauds.

    Surely you can't have blatant promotion of these scams? :judges:

    Or can you?

    Please let us know,we would appreciate your important imput, and will be glad to link to any worthwhile information and give due credit to its author...

    See you at our blog

    thank you beforehand:spin2:
    Cheers & Blessings,

    Eric (Australia)

    "Keep Safe From Scams"

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    Re: How wide is Plastic Surgery Scams?

    Hi there
    I thought I was pretty clever but as we all know there's always some one who is cleverer and doesn't own a conscience or Morals.
    I have unwittingly become a victim of an Unregistered Business with no official business web site only a face book page and no ABN number... Of course.
    This Canberra based company poses as a Cosmetic Surgery holiday agency.
    They stung me for a $350 " booking fee" followed shortly after for $3285.00
    for flights for 2 to Thailand return from Brisbane and 9 nights accomodation.
    They suggested I could pay them another $3,400 for the surgery before leaving oz but that didn't happen.
    I should have smelt this putrid rat when the money was wanted so quickly and was going into a personal savings account where the consultant used a different last name.
    I didn't click when I realised "the rat" had 3 different mobile phone numbers and her
    " booking agent" also went by 2 different names.
    Anyway long story short , 4 days before we were supposed to depart we still had no flight details, no accomodation details , then they promptly cancelled everything.
    Here we are 4 months later still attempting to get our money refunded.
    BEWARE : these 2 females have recently closed the Facebook account of this business
    EXECUTIVE COSMETIC GETAWAYS but this is not their only "business ventures"
    They both also market themselves as "Photographers" , " Makeup Artists" and " Model Management ". Be careful when doing business with this pair of self promoting fraudsters
    ESPECIALLY anyone in Canberra or New Zealand looking for a "photographer " for their big wedding day.

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    Re: How wide is Plastic Surgery Scams?

    if you want plastic surgery deal with reputable plastic surgeons,board certified, in your area. going to other countries is not recommended.:king22:

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