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    Lending Supply Scam

    This company Lending Supply, based in San Diego and run by a scammer by the name of Stan has a great scam going. He pays, using his credit card via PayPal, for you to design him a website, then months after the website has been published he contacts his credit card company and says you never designed his website. Of course, his credit card company gladly refunds his money and PayPal backcharges you. Of course by this time, he has downloaded all of the custom graphics, images and other hard work the designer did. Happened to me last month, after his site had been online for 9 1/2 months, and was still online. The credit card company wouldn't even verify that his site was 100% complete and online. PayPal was ZERO help. They said their interest was to protect the scammer, not their client (ME!).

    When dealing with Lending Supply, Postal money orders or cash is the only way to go. This company is as dishonest as they come.
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