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    Leaving aside prejudice


    As the title says.

    What do you think of the message here, and not the messenger?

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    Re: Leaving aside prejudice



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    Re: Leaving aside prejudice

    Video in English with the Japanese subtitles is the excess for me... :D

    Please don't shoot the piano player, he's doing the best he can.

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    Re: Leaving aside prejudice

    OK!!i now officially hate the FRENCH!?.....MEN!?....hehe!!...just askin..
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    Re: Leaving aside prejudice

    Eleven minutes of crackpot-ism.

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    Re: Leaving aside prejudice

    Boris - this man is supporting Human Cloning and the idea that Human Beings should and could be improved upon by using the cloning procedure.
    A rather peculiar approach, in that he suggest that the Clon would typically be an Adult Twin of the previous individual. Meaning that the individual would not have to forego the infancy and youth process and would be given a 'head-start' an advantegous lead over others, such as we are now, in that the physical body would be fully developed.
    Intially, with this Clone, the Brain would be 'unprogrammed' - not contain any previous experiences as we do from earlier years. Then, the individual, previous to the Cloned person, shortly before this individuals life termination would load their acumulated life experiences = Brain programming into a computer. The Clone and all of those following would benefit from the previous mental experiences, knowledge, learning, programmed into their brain. This would be cumulative, providing an extraordinary amount of knowledge to any one individual. Also, these CLones would be 'produced' such that their normal life-span, excluding devastating accidents that terminate life, would live to be 700 - 1000 years and so on.
    The term he used to advocate, support this idea was that it is 'Ethical', not unethical and some are now suggesting. I had trouble for a bit understanding this was the words he kept repeating, because he has a 'thick' accent.
    Anyhow. my opinion: I think Cloning will happen. In several hundred years it will be as common as invitro-fertilization is presently. Perhaps more so will be genetic manipultion wherein many of the disease factors and congential deformities will be elimated, which will certainly be a great advantage.
    I don't have any proof at present, of course, but I am of the opinion that already SOME wealthy individuals may have already been cloned.
    The Cyrogenic process wherein the body is preserved [?] in very cold conditions? I don't think they will be able to revive these individuals. They are dead!
    Interesting situation: suppose that Saddam Hussein had genetic material taken from himself prior to his execution which was later cloned. That Clone would not bear the responsibility of the crimes of the presently executed Saddam... therefore, he could live without the burden of guilt. :rolleyes:
    Same with other criminals that are executed. Wow... interesting the developments from such a situation! :D

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