Hi there everyone,

It is a scam I nearly got into recently. I was applying for different jobs and I saw a vacancy to be an office assistant. The vacancy didn't give any specific info - the employer wanted to give more details to those that are interested. So after sending a basic sentence and provided my personal email address, he offered me 'work from home' job that basically included baying bills on his behalf, forwarding mail on his behalf. He said he's an owner of Flames Gallery and he is too busy with his business, that's why he needs an assistant.

He 'employed' me without seeing or interviewing and when I started to ask uncomfortable questions to make sure this job is legit and I wouldn't have any problems with it, he said he's on a business trip in Ukraine and he will be back in 5 weeks and then meet me in person and show all documents proving that his company is not a scam.

After a few days I received a check for 18000 GBP. He instructed me to put this into my bank account and then take it to western union and wire it to somebody in Cyprus and keep 350 for my hard work. Luckily my bank doesn't allow me to take any cash until the check clears - because it bounced and I would have lost my money.

After informing Mr so called Rowan and he said there has been a problem with the bank, however my bank was questioning me who gave me this check so I knew it was something wrong with it. I told him to put credits straight into my account if he has problems with checks. For the next week he was saying he will put money in my account but he was always finding excuses. I then told him I don't want to have anything to do with him and our 'cooperation' finished.


-Flames Gallery in UK - I've never found such a company in national register of companies, when I told him that - he said it's because it's new

- He said that he is in Ukraine at the moment but the envelope with check was stamped in Spain

- No Nigel Rowan matching this information could be found on google

- Neither the person from Cyprus could be found (probably a fake name)

- while searching for some more info about him, I found another job advert under Flames Gallery and the same info BUT from a few weeks earlier

After telling him he's unprofessional he just simply disappeared, how strange? If you don't have anything to hide you are able to make things straight.