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    Is this a scam? Water softener


    Our patented Catalytic Water Softener harnesses the power of a non-sacrificial catalyst, composed of an exact formulation of more than a dozen precious and semi-precious metals. This extraordinary catalyst is then combined with multiple powerful magnets to deliver salt-free, maintenance-free, hassle-free soft water at every water faucet in your home. This remarkable product never uses salt or electricity and never needs backwashing or re-charging and lasts a lifetime.

    I have limmited chemistry experience, but this sounds like a load of BS. How can a catalyst be non-sacrificial. Either it is reacting or it isn't. And why push the buck on using precious metals. What makes them better than cheap metals? What is a magnet going to do to remove calcium? Where does the calcuim and iron go? This is what I want to know under a "How it works" heading.

    What do you think?

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    Re: Is this a scam? Water softener

    The whole high-end water softener/water cleansing industry is untrustworthy.

    Interesting article on magnetic water softeners.

    Selling point
    This remarkable product never uses salt or electricity and never needs backwashing or re-charging and lasts a lifetime.
    Science point
    We also demonstrated that electric fields could easily affect water's surface tension, by using a charged balloon to manipulate a fine spray of water. A strong magnet, however, had no effect on surface tension. Water has polar molecules, and is sensitive to electric field orientation, but unless it's made conductive and is moving really fast in a strong magnetic field, water has very little magnetic response. The same goes for calcium carbonate crystals.
    So without electricity magnets are useless. We can conclude that this system is BS.

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    Re: Is this a scam? Water softener

    what about the patent? merry-xmas.

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    Re: Is this a scam? Water softener

    can you drink it? so what about the patent? merry-xmas.

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    Re: Is this a scam? Water softener

    Designed and manufactured
    by SafeWater Softeners, under our Patent #6447158, we are an industry leader in supplying quality water softeners to consumers and
    industry since 1988.
    Apertured-disk mixer

    United States Patent 6447158


    A fluid handling device to assist in the mixing or separation of two or more fluids utilizing a stack of two types of alternating plates. A first plate has an aperture; a second plate has peripheral spaces around which the fluids may flow. Both types of plates are provided with a plurality of projections that serve to space the plates apart and to provide additional turbulence to the fluids as they flow around the projections. The fluids are forced to proceed back and forth through the alternating plates. The plates may be designed to fit within a housing of circular or polygonal cross-section. The projections may be tapered or non-tapered. The projections may be circular or polygonal in cross-section. Further the heights of the projections may vary to adjust the separation between adjacent pairs of plates to obtain the appropriate degree of turbulence for optimum mixing or separation of the fluids. Fluids may be introduced into the housing containing the stack of plates at various points as required by the particular fluids being handled.
    I do not see how the use this patent for water softening.

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    Re: Is this a scam? Water softener

    Hope this helps:


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    Re: Is this a scam? Water softener

    As a technician at SafeWater Softeners, I was wondering why you decided to post things, but not call the toll free number to ask the questions? We would have been happy to answer any of your questions. The information on how it works, is on the "Science Behind It" link.

    The system is neutralizing the Calcium by Oxidizing Zinc inside of our alloy and suspending the mineral in the water. This leaves it unable to bind or bond while in the water. It's the same concept used for the small rods that are inside of hot water heaters, but quickly wear out, and Zinc anodes that are used in fire trucks in hard water areas. We provide enough of the metal to treat the entire home.

    The magnet is used to pull out any metal flakes that could harm the alloy, by causing rust spots. This usually happens in wells with old pressure tanks and parts, or old pipes.

    There is no patent on the alloy, we keep that a secret, but there is a patent on the mixing action that allows our unit to constantly flush itself to keep it clean. The more the mixing, the more minerals that come into contact with the alloy.

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    Re: Is this a scam? Water softener

    A great discussion of the type of scam that is SafeWater Softeners.

    http://www.chem1.com/CQ/catscams.html - Catalytic water treatment pseudoscience

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    Re: Is this a scam? Water softener

    Thankee, sgartner: I've been needing a resource like that for some time.

    Welcome to scam.com.

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    Re: Is this a scam? Water softener

    Soft water is the absence of minerals period.Magnetic softening can be done in a lab under very specific parameters but it can't be done in an everyday household application,also your body cannot absorb minerals unless it's in I't elemental form if it could a couple of antacid pills would kill you.

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    Re: Is this a scam? Water softener

    Does anyone have experience with the "Green Wave" water conditioner? It points out immediately that it isn't a softener but that it reduces scaling. I just moved to a house with a well and hard water and to my knowledge everyone alleges that you need to get a softener that requires salt to deal with scaling. I don't care about the feeling of hard water, etc, just the scaling. Does anyone have an opinion on if these "No Salt" products can reduce scaling. I belive this "Green Wave" is not a magnet product.

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