CIA Director Petraeus & Top US Afghanistan commander Allen "scandal"uminati theater part of "Obama" now detonatng each day

If you clicked "news" about the "sex and security scandal" involving illuminati members CIA Director Petraeus & Top US Afghanistan commander Allen (1) expecting to find information ... then you are either brainwashed by the Illuminati[/b] or an innocent or naive child (2).

EVERY "leak" about illuminati members in their media, from privacy violations to activities that are criminal under the Law, is scripted to advance agendas. (3)

Poster replies (4):
"Or sometimes old dudes just get horny, especially when a fine milf like Paula Broadwell throws herself at you."

If indeed there was a problem with Petraeus wife or with security breeches, the illuminati would have settled it down WITHOUT informing the beasts.

So why do the illuminati stage this theater, other than the general goals of staging "justice" and advancinig the "sexual revolution" agenda, advanced in cases from "Clinton did not have sex with Lewinsky, it was all about cigars and BJs" to "Berlusconi loves orgies with minors" and "IMF director Strauss Kahn rapes black maid"?
Answer: this is part of the script "Obama detonates each day as fake suicide bomber".
Reminder: the endless array of detonations other than forgery and murder includes treason.
Treason includes "allowing the death of [fake identity] Lybia ambassador Chris Stevens (5) and a video of "Obama" acting again as "Bin Laden in an Afghanistan cave" to prove that "Obama" faked the death of "Osama" (6).


(2) result #1 today as for the last 7 years is the TRUTH by angelic google
See photo of innocent children staring at illuminati productions at:

(3) Pope jails his butler, Dutch pedo minister rapes turkish kids: Leaks ALWAYS scripted

(4) Poster replied at second post of:

(5) "Chris Stevens" "Dead" US ambassador in Libya lived less than 2 years: how fake folks are created

(6) "Obamessiah" will ressurrect "Bin Laden", as part of his fake suicide bomber role