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    bad news at rivals.

    rivals.com Preying on teens

    sport of a different sort.......
    So my son asked for a free membership to Rival.com.
    This site shows recruiting tapes of athletes among other things.

    The free trial required a credit card to register.
    I gave it to him, but insisted he cancelled as I did not want to pay 9.95 per month so he can read about other kids.

    Thats where it begins. YOU can only cancel by phone, and not on weekends. 9-5 central time only. Plus, it has to be 48 hours before expiration.

    This company, NEVER ANSWERS THE PHONE. when I called multiple times, i sent an e-mail requesting cancellation.

    I called and got put in queue, number 27. I was up to 25 when my phone went dead, after 20 minutes. I called 7 times and never got through.

    Here is the worst part. I spoke to someone who would not cancel the account and said she would connect me to customer service. I was put back in queue at 27 again.
    I e-mailed her and she sent me a request for refund form.

    I e-mailed it back. And guess what.


    100 bucks. plus the 9.95 per month.

    don't let your kids use this service. They are total scam artisits.

    They have charged my card 5 months.

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    Re: bad news at rivals.

    This happened to me. I spent an hour and a half on the phone with these people. By the way, it should be noted that rivals.com is part of Yahoo. They would not let me talk to anyone who had the authority to refund my money. I thought that Yahoo was a reputable company. Instead, I found them to be a rip-off artist.

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    Re: bad news at rivals.

    o really these are the bad news for me is well .

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