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    When a scammer comes on the board, please don't use "quote" to reply to him/her/it. It makes banning and removing his/her/its posts too time consuming. Just PM one of the mods and let us know what's up, then sit back and enjoy the show!

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    do you think this is a scam?


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    Amusement Tax

    I received a receipt for sending a disabled child to the Shrine Circus. My donation was $20.00. In addition to the money I pledged, I was told that I had to include an "Amusement Tax" of $2.00 with my remittance. I am willing to accept that this donation is for purchase of a ticket, and therefore subject to GST (in Canada) but I have never heard of an Amusement Tax and can find no reference to it in government documents. Is there such a thing or am I being scammed? Paul

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    Anybody knows anything about this organization..

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    Wordstock International inc. / Jasper Avenue

    Franklyn Daren "Kufere" Lyons the founder of WordStock Poetry Festival in Brooklyn , NY has stolen money and computer equipment from me. I invested in an event only to have him steal the money.

    He uses an entity named Wordstock International Inc. as a front to solicit and then steal money. Wordstock International is not a business; it is registered as a non-profit.

    Due to financial irregularities and mismanagement, Lyons was forced out of Wordstock Inc. - the original sponsors of the Poetry Festivals in Brooklyn, NY. He then registered a non-profit called Wordstock International Inc. He has been using Wordstock International as his personal piggybank. Any money given to Wordstock goes directly into Lyons' pocket.

    Do not do business with Lyons or Wordstock International. I have learned in the of course of trying to recover the money his stole he uses an alias, Lyons is not his real name, and Wordstock International is an one man show.

    If you have done business with Wordstock International, I urge you to do an audit. Look closely at the EIN numbers and contracts.

    Wordstock International does not have a bank account or legal representation. Most importantly, Wordstock International is not an offical business entity in the state of New York.

    If you or somebody you know has been victimized by Lyons, I urge you to file a complaint with the NYS Attorney General and Department of Revenue. Exposure of his deeds is the only way to prevent him from stealing from others.

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    cornucopia fundraising

    anyone know anything about cornucopia? they get people to sign up for charities. the charities sound pretty cool but im worried about how much money you make. anyone worked for them. how much to you make. they were saying you get more money as a manager- how do you get to be a manager and how much money do you make. there in Australia.

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    Inner Mongolia Fuyuan Agriculture Prod. Co. (f20):


    Dear Consumers of Tomato Paste!

    Hereby I want to share with you our experience of the work with such Chinese Supplier of tomato paste as: Inner Mongolia Fuyuan Agriculture Products Limited Company (F20) in order to protect you from huge problems and loss of your money.

    According to our data, this company is the third company in China, that produces tomato paste (here is their web site: http://www.fysyjt.com), it belongs to Fuyuan Group . The Fuyuan Group has several factories: among Inner Mongolia Fuyuan Agriculture Products Limited Company (F20), it includes Inner Mongolia WuYuan County FuYuan Tomato Products Co., Ltd (F28) and BaYanNaoEr City FuYuan Group WuYuan Sugar Co., Ltd.

    We bought 500 tones of the tomato paste 36-38 Brix from this company in 2009 year from May to July. We bought this quantity and were sure, that quality of the tomato paste was good, because it is big producer, that should value it’s reputation and quality of it’s products. Moreover, we bought 524 tones of the paste from this producer in 2008 and there were no problems with the quality. But as we can see now, we made a big mistake, choosing this supplier, Inner Mongolia Fuyuan Agriculture Products Limited Company (F20).

    Before purchasing, we asked the factory for the sample of the tomato paste. The quality of the sample, that Fuyuan sent us, was good. But when batches began to come, the quality of the Fuyuan’s products was awful.

    We got the cargo in several batches, each batch was around 100 tones. The quality of the first batch was good and conformed to the sample. The spoilage began to appear from the second batch. We got 14 bins of the spoiled tomato paste (tomato paste in bins with net weight 1300 kg) in the second batch and we got 11 bins of the spoiled tomato paste in the third batch. The paste was spoiled, it means, that the packing was swollen, when we opened the packing, there was the mould on the paste and the processes of fermentation were detected as well. You can see all of this on the photos attached. But when we got the fourth batch, and then the fifth batch, we were shocked. There were 16 swollen bins in the fourth batch and 30 swollen bins in the fifth batch. Moreover, our final Buyers, who bought the paste from us from these batches, when they began to use it in their production, they asked us immediately to take away the paste back and return them money. I want to point, that our final Buyers of the tomato paste are the companies that produce sauces, ketchups, canned fish and tomato paste (in small tare packing). They reasoned the return of the paste with that fact, that tomato paste had very dark color (the photos are attached) and unpleasant smell. And this is concerning the bins from the batches that were not swollen. The color of some bins were regular, but anyway had the unpleasant smell.

    As we began to get the spoilage, from the second batch, we immediately informed the representative of Fuyuan. The Fuyuan replied us, that they will cover all our financial losses. We are negotiating with Fuyuan concerning the compensation due to the supplied spoilage from their side since July. We have sent to the company many photos and video, but the deal does not go further, besides the promises to solve all our problems. But more than 4 months have already left. Moreover, the employees of Fuyuan just do not want to do anything. I want to list you the names of employees we communicated with, trying to decide our problem:

    Ken Zhuo – manager
    WU HAO – manager
    ZONG YA LEI – director
    ZHANG YONG HOU – general director

    We are really amazed by the behavior of the employees of this company. We never met so unregardful attitude to it’s clients. Negotiating, we caught out these employees in false many times (we can provide the writing as the evidence to all the interested parties). We didn’t get no one official reply from them concerning their position about spoilage for all the time that we negotiated. The employees do not reply anything on the exact questions from our letters or they just left the answer. All of this you can see from our writing with them, if you are interested, we can provide you with it. We can give you examples that describe you unregardful attitude of the Fuyuan’s employees, but we want to describe the one incident below.

    When we tried to decide the problem with Ken Zhuo, WU HAO, ZONG YA LEI we began to understand, that the deal is not decided and they are just cheating us. We decided to speak about our problem with the general director. We asked manager WU HAO to give us the contact details of the general director and we got the refusal. Then we were ought to search the contact details differently. We have found the name of general director and his mobile number, we tried to connect with him and we have alerted about this manager WU HAO. As we have known, the general director ZHANG YONG HOU doesn’t know English, that’s why we were, ought to hire the translator, who knows Chinese for negotiations. Our translator called on the mobile number of Mr ZHANG YONG HOU. The person has answered us and told that he is Mr ZHANG YONG HOU. But during the telephone conversation, we have pointed out, that this person can speak English and then we understood that it is not Mr ZHANG YONG HOU. Moreover, then this person admitted, that he is not Mr ZHANG YONG HOU, but WU HAO. We have asked WU HAO, how can this happen, that another person takes someone else’s telephone and named himself for his general director, because we want to speak to Mr ZHANG YONG HOU. But in reply we got, that it doesn’t matter and the most important is to decide our problem. So we couldn’t communicate to Mr ZHANG YONG HOU, he didn’t reply personally on our call on his mobile. This fact was one more reason to think if the company plans to decide this problem, if even the general director avoids the negotiations with us, knowing the happened situation with the supplied spoiled products.

    Although manager WU HAO says all the time, that problem is deciding and that they will pay us all our losses, connected with these batches, I want to say again, that they do nothing. We just hear promises only.

    We strongly believe, that the Fuyuan knew and understood in advance, the product of which quality they were planning to supply us with. Or just how the following fact can be explained, that the company’ employees didn’t want to come to our storage and check by their own eyes and assure their selves in the quality of the products that they supplied us. Because we, from the end of July, as we have founded that the paste was spoiled, immediately asked the representative of the Fuyuan’s company to visit our storage and assure their selves in the quality of the tomato paste that they supplied us with. Fuyuan brought us the heavy financial loss because of the supplied spoiled tomato paste. The loss is about 200- 250 thousands USD.

    The purpose of this article is to save the Buyers of tomato paste from the faulty Suppliers and to tell how Fuyuan company works, giving the exact example. Forewarned is forearmed. We call the recipients of this article to bring the information, described above to the attention of their colleagues and all the interested persons. If you had the positive experience working with Fuyuan company, just know please, that this company can behave same way, as described above. They do not care about their reputation; they are not responsible for the quality of the supplied tomato paste by them.

    I want to add also, that we are not the one company, who met all these problems. We know also the companies, that had losses because of the Fuyuan Company.
    So please be careful, choosing the Supplier! Do not believe to the promises of Fuyuan and do not hope, that the products of this company will be perfect. Sooner or later they will send you their spoilage.

    You can find our letters to Fuyuan and their replies, photos and videos of the spoiled pastye from this company under our blog site:

    http://spoiledpasteinnermongoliafuyuanagricultureproducts .blog.com

    Here are some links for your attention:

    open dialogue betwen us and fuyuan:


    and list of the companies, who got as well spoiled products from Fuyuan :


    Good luck to you!


    [email protected]

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    Live Aid


    Aregawi Berhe, the former military commander of the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), claimed that of the $100 million that went through the rebels’ hands, 95 per cent was diverted to buy weapons or recruit Ethiopians to their cause. He said the rebels put on a "drama" to get their hands on the relief money. "The aid workers were fooled," he said.

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