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    Financial Staffing company, scam or not?

    Hi, all

    I'm a new grad. I got several calls from financial staffing company after I post my resume on monster.com. All of them ask me to bring 2 forms of ID and SSN at interview. They explained that if they decide hiring me, they need to file I-9 and verify if I have right to work in the United States.

    I am wondering if anyone here is working in Accounting field and knows if it is scam or not? Thanks

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    Re: Financial Staffing company, scam or not?

    I'm not sure but I'm very curious to hear what someone in the field has to say about this. I'm very skeptical about giving anyone my social unless I'm absolutely sure they're legit.

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    Re: Financial Staffing company, scam or not?

    if they are a staffing agency and they are requesting you bring ID and your SS card, they are most likely recruiting you on a temp to hire basis. they need that info on file for when you get a job through them. You will be listed at the company as a temp but will be a full time employee of the staffing agency, receiving a paycheck and benefits from them, not the company you will be actually working for. sounds like there is nothing to worry about, i did the same thing the first time i interviewed with a staffing agency. One good thing about it is that its a one shot deal, once they have your IDs and cards on file you dont have to go back in and they can find jobs / interviews for you when needed.

    hope this helps

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