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    BEWARE----BEWARE!!!! This company will send you an email ( SPAM ) to solicit that you can get a ring tone of your choice for FREE. They ask you to put in your phone number to see if your desired ring tone is available but when you put in your number they immediately charge your phone bill for $5.99 per month. Seconds after I put in my number to see if my desired ring tone was available, my cell phone carrier sent me a text message that I will be charged monthly for $5.99. I never got a chance to see if my desired ring tone was available. I cancelled immediately with my phone company but they told me that I had to request a refund from Funmobile. When I contacted Funmobile, whose location is in Malaysia, they told me that it would take 12 weeks to process a refund. I phoned my bank and they told me that it NEVER takes 12 weeks to process a payment. My bank said that they say 12 weeks so that the customer will forget about it after a few weeks. I've sent tons of emails with the same response BUT they erase each email and the '12 weeks' begins with the 'new' email request. SCAM----SCAM----SCAM!!!! BEWARE----BEWARE!!!!!!!

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    I'm surprised there is only one post about this. This has to be one of the biggest rackets right now! I was innocently searching the web for ringtones and apparently entered my phone number on their site and BAM! before I knew it they were charging me a whopping <<<< 19.99 >>>> per month.... FOR NOTHING (on my bill as "premium text messaging")! I called Verizon and requested a refund AND a full block on all text messaging (which I was happy to do, b/c I think all text messaging is stupid anyway). This block stopped the billing....but not until after I had been charged several times (yes, this is what I get for not paying attention to my bill). Has anyone had success getting money back from this company? Verizon gave me a one-time credit for the most recent charges, but they couldn't do more than that. I have tried calling the toll-free number on funmobile.com and it tells me to hold on and then I just get dead air.... ha. It seems to me that Verizon should be partially responsible, but then, I used to work for a phone company and we always billed for third parties and sometimes people just had to suck it up. Any ideas? I told the Verizon girl I was going to call the Attorney General but if this company's in BFE Asia does it make any difference?

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    Bump ................

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    Nice to know! I like new ringtones but tend to be leery of getting them anywhere but my carrier.. now I know why!

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