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    Use me and get rich

    Has any one heard of this program. It is from Laura Johnson. She does not seem to have a web site. Let em know???

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    Re: Use me and get rich

    From what I saw on Internet she will advise you to start your own mail order business.

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    Re: Use me and get rich

    I have only hear bad things about her ripping off people and not sending the item.

    Where did you see it was about Direct mail? I can not find it.

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    Re: Use me and get rich

    That ad was always in the money making opportunity magazines. It is a book about simply placing full page ads in national magazines and getting people to buy the same book that you just bought from her. I know, because I fell for this back in the early to mid eighties! Lost $20 because of her! Oh well, live and learn!!!:rotz::spin2::rotz:
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    Re: Use me and get rich

    Mail order scams do exists.

    Not only are they one of the most popular, but even if they weren't a scam, would you really want to make that a source of income.

    I mean it seems like a whole lot of work to me. :freak3:

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