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    Does anyone know of the Real Estate Course ""and or of Sonja Vukas. www.deeds4dollars.com. He currently has a course out on how to buy for sale for taxes properties on the net.
    His address is listed as Real Estate Fortunes 228 W. Lincoln,Hwy # 133 Schereville,In. 46375
    The course runs 197.00
    His Phone # is Billed to GLOBAL SOLUTIONS GROUP INC.
    Saint John,In. 46373.
    If SO What are your feelings and advise.
    I am thinking of ordering the product.
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    Re: deeds4dollars

    I think this is a scam I looked over it and if you HAVE to buy the kit it aint LEGIT! LOL :eek:

    Keep us posted if you join because Im interested if they are ! ;)

    Kitty :confused:

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    Re: deeds4dollars

    One of those too good to be true real estate schemes. I can bet they will send you to some paid service to search for those penny on the dollar houses.

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