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    He May Be A Wolf But...


    I have been reading about the scam guy Danny AKA Mark Warren. I will definitely admit that his methods are very sneaky and maybe less than honest. I would not chose to market that way. However, I just joined the Ultimate Wealth Package and within the promised 48 hours I had my free website up and running. By this time I had pieced together who Mark and Danny were and was a bit skeptical (BTW this was just earlier today). So I decided to call my brother and with the promise I would pay him back he bought one of the products off my site. It showed up in my Clickbank account immediately so I know tis WORKS!

    For your information, I am a stay-at-home-mom who works as a freelance writer when my kids are sleeping. I am hoping this opportunity gives me more freedom so that I don't have to work every single night and so we can travel. Having said this, if anyone is interested in checking out the program, I would really appreciate it if you would consider signing up through me. My site is (I APPRECIATE THE PLEA, BUT WE DON'T ALLOW RECRUITING OR REFERRAL LINKS ON SCAM.COM EXCEPT IN YOUR "SIGNATURE" LINE. PLEASE FOLLOW THE RULES THAT ARE POSTED AT THE TOP OF THE FORUMS TO AVOID BEING BANNED. LADY MOD)You will find the name on that site matches the one here. Thanks.

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