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    Ripoff report ripoff report ripoff report extortion ripoff report extortion ripoff


    I have seen and talk to many people trying to protect their name and reputation and so far they have not had much luck against rip off report. The reason why is the all go down the same path. You have not done anything until you e-mail and call his service providers. If you have not done that , then why do you spend your $$$ on lawyers. A e-mail or call is free. Just use the same letter and just explain the truth. One letter to one of service providers got his extortion scam off a google for a while. Rip off Report has hurt a lot of good people and companies. At least alert the people below of what Rip off report is doing to you and your company.
    If you are attacked by rip off report e-mail the abuse departments of his service providers. Ed's site is in violation of their of service(T.OS).. If enough try to get the truth out maybe something will happen. Ed's had to switch one of his providers before because of our e-mails and calls. How can the Government and his service providers let this scam go on.They wouldn't like false, malicious,libelous,half truths and any other lie about them. I bet Ed would remove, edit or take down any URL that was malicious about them. It is not FREEDOM OF SPEECH. One day justice will be served! Defamatory postings on the Internet are libel, not slander, under California law and plaintiffs may collect damages for them without demonstrating specific injury, the Sixth District Court of Appeal ruled yesterday.

    Justice Eugene M. Premo rejected the contention of two former employees of a Silicon Valley technological equipment manufacturer that the postings were best analogized to radio or television broadcasts, which if defamatory are classified as slander under Civil Code Sec. 46. The section does not mention television, but refers to communications which are “orally uttered, and also communications by radio or any mechanical or other means,” and has been construed to include television broadcasts

    Does Ed attach spy ware to people? Is that legal?

    Why does rip off report trace go through Oklahoma City?

    If you have any info(trust's,LLC's,FLP, alias,etc) On Ed's criminal Empire please post or leave a message to me and I will get the info out.

    Here is more info:
    15111 N. Hayden Rd ste 160
    PMB 353
    Scottsdale AZ 85260
    Domains by proxy's Domain name proxy agreement. DBP's Right to deny, suspend,Or terminate. Go to section 4 of their agreement and it is very clear what they will tolerate. Why do they have this in their agreement if they are totally protected by free speech?

    Registered through Godaddy.com
    created 20-jun-04
    expires 20-jun-11
    Go daddy can terminate service because of violation to their policies and agreements. Why would they have policies if they were fully protected by the Electronic Communications Privacy Act 18 U.S.C 2701.
    Domain servers in listed order:
    CIDR # 209.200.128
    . Ed contact info:
    A. 2033 W McDowell Blvd Apache Junction AZ 85220 (he refinanced in September for $417,000.00)
    B. 1138 S Rose Mesa AZ (he has owned since 1985)
    2. Magedson Sylvia Trust owns land at 6426 S McClintock Tempe AZ ( a Stein mart is there)
    Ed is the trustee and hides his money in this trust as well as others. So it looks like ed has no money.
    Check names of Martin Magedson,Sylvia Magedson, Molly or Mollie Magedson for more.
    3. There are 11 docket reports for federal cases. there are probably a lot more. all these are Vs Ed Magedson and his other names.

    1. MCW inc d/b/a Bernard Haldane Assoc (federal TX 2002) ?
    2. Dr. Robert Guida (Federal NY 2003) 8 E 75TH St Ste 1
    New York, NY 10021-2609
    (212) 871-0900
    3. Terri Bears (federal AZ 2003) ?
    4. Mark Tolner Fashion Rocks (federal AZ 2003) info@TalentRock.com
    5. Joan Randell (federal AZ 2003)
    6. Trans continental records (federal FL 2003)
    7. roni Lynn Deutch (federal Ca 2004)
    8. Hy Cite Corp (federal AZ 2004)
    9. Robert Ted Pritchard (federal Pa 2004)
    10. Whitney Information systems & Russ Whitney (federal Fl 2004)
    11. energy Automation Systems (federal TN 2006)

    Here are some of Ed Magedson's lawsuits and links:

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    Re: Ripoff report ripoff report ripoff report extortion ripoff report extortion ripoff

    Ripoff Report is FOR consumers, BY consumers. If only one or two hot-headed consumers write to Ripoff Report, chances are the company has nothing to worry about. There have always been and probably will always be greedy consumers who try to make a profit from a company by any means possible.

    The readers of Ripoff Report are, by and large, fairly astute; they are quick to spot a consumer who's trying to run a scam on a company, or an ignorant one who's gotten him/herself into trouble. However, if a company has a large number of complaints against it, odds are they should be looking at their business practices and making changes, rather than complaining about Ripoff Report. There's even a means by which a companies can refute any claim(s) in Ripoff Report they feel are unjustified.

    And here's another thought: If you feel Ripoff Report is so unfair, why aren't you complaining about the Better Business Bureau as well?

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