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    Would like to know if anyone has any information about this real estate investing business.

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    Re: shortsaleboom.com

    Has major red flags.

    Created: 2006-09-19
    Expires: 2007-09-19
    Its brand new

    Even If You Don't Have the Money or Credit to buy these properties, you will have access to my Nationwide Network of Private Investors who will fund your properties 100%
    This smell scam. Only inexperienced investors will do business with newbie like you.

    You do not need a license nor any experience.

    4)They provide you with "one on one training". Now we get to the point. They will charge you huge amount for almost non-existent training(probably online or over the phone).

    Here how this scam/scheme works. They will charge you for training. You will work hard studying manuals and other basic info. You will think that you are ready to do the job. You will get their leads and will find that they are outdated. You will buy your own leads and find couple of pre-foreclosed housed. They will find any excuse not to invest. You will see that you got shafted since you did not obtain any license or experience for the money you paid them. You will realize that they never had investors and no intention to be in business with you. You are out of at least $5000.

    This is a common scheme.
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