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    Freedom Mortgage Corporation

    Does anybody have experience with this group of Mtg. Brokers. We are selling our home and the buyer is using the Freedom Mtg. Corp branch out of Garden City, NY. We were to close no later than the 29th of November. We sent all required docs from our end and the buyer has done the same. We are finding now that they are asking for the same docs we have sent several times previously.

    The Title Report is suppose to be in and clear. I have requested it 4 times now from the Loan Officer and he has not sent it to me. Two weeks ago we were just waiting the clear to close, but then all of sudden there were more stips involved.

    I've found some not so good opinions on other website, but thought I'd check here. Any info, good or bad would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Freedom Mortgage Corporation

    In Feb. 2010 this company contacted my husband and me about a loan modification. Of course they wanted money, which not being informed and not doing our homework, we paid. Our bank, for whatever reasons, refused to work with this company for a modification for us. We were told months ago that our money would be refunded and that they were waiting for
    a date for the check to be written. NO check yet! Our phone calls are NEVER returned. We can NOT even get a live person on the phone. ALWAYS voice mail. I sincerely feel we have been scammed big time. Is there anyone out
    there that can do something about this company taking people's hard earned money, making promises they NEVER intend to honor, and then ignoring calls and e-mails? If you are considering them for ANYTHING, do NOT do it! If you are already in a transaction with them as we are, I wish you better luck than we have had.

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