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    Is this a scam? Paying to your credit card??

    I am selling a motorcycle on-line, I got a response from a guy in London/UK, I think its a scam what do you think? His last response was "Thanks for getting back too me. I want you to know that am goingto send my local shipper to come pick up the item as soon as you confirm your payment.Do you have a credit card,so the payment can be made today into your credit card.Hoping to hear from you today." He has sent two e-mails and he always refers to the motorcyle as an item, that seems odd to me and how do you put money onto another persons credit card? I'm pretty sure this is a scam what do you think??

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    Re: Is this a scam? Paying to your credit card??


    I had something sort of like that happen to me, but I called UPS and such and they said that this guy was totally trying to scam me. Don't fall for it.

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    Re: Is this a scam? Paying to your credit card??

    Seems to be a scam!

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    Re: Is this a scam? Paying to your credit card??

    Did he leave and address or phone number? I live in the UK and I always find it amusing that the scammers claim they all live in London!!

    However, yes, you can transfer money on Credit Cards over here via some third parties. I'm not sure on how well protected you are since you're the receiver of funds.

    On the flip side, I had someone trying to get my Credit card info like this. I suspected fraud and cut the call short. A popukal scheme is they get all the info for 'verification purposes', ie. 3 digit security in the back, start date, end date etc. They then claim the money are being transfered (Which takes 5 days to show in some instances).
    In the mean time, they do some shopping online using your card. They just spend enough not to keep the police interest in them, since its not cost effective.

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    Re: Is this a scam? Paying to your credit card??

    Yap most probably scam.
    Just wondering, how are you selling the bike online?

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