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    Sites Penis enlargment

    I received a mail from a company that sale pills to enlarge penis size. Is it fake or real? Is it possible like they say to get 3 inches longer? :o

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    Re: Sites Penis enlargment

    sorry dude, no such luck. your only hope is to get surgery that may or may not work. they cut a tendon which allows an inch at best. good luck :)

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    Re: Sites Penis enlargment

    Be careful with these pills, if you get them stuck in your throat, you could end up looking like a giraffe!

    I remember a guy getting a viagra stuck in his throat too, he ended up with a right bloody stiff neck for a few days I can tell you!

    Thre only guy that might be able to help is at this site, hes a real whizz, in fact leadwhizz, http://stefanohourmozus.com

    He use to sell These pills, he now sells roulette computers, well sort of!

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    Re: Sites Penis enlargment

    If this was true we'd all be bigger. Best penis enlargement scam was pulled on a friend of mine. He sent for it. The box came and inside was a 12" piece of cotton rope and a 3 pound brick. The instructions were simple. Sit down, tie rope to penis, tie other end to brick. Stand-up! Yep, we all wish the stuff were true....but it ain't.

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