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    Any home business' that work?

    I've been looking home to business' online and everyone that I've looked into is a scam.
    I just had my first baby 3 months ago and I really want to work from home, that's my main motivation and of course hopefully making good money.

    Anybody know of any legitate business' that aren't asking for $30 just to see what the programs about?

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    Re: Any home business' that work?

    Look for a work at home job, they do not have a joining fee. You can also start a blog.

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    Re: Any home business' that work?

    You can start a blog, you can make money freelance writing, you can start an ebay business, a website, etc. There are tons of opportunities and most are free to join. Look at my website at www.katieshugs.com in the telecommuting section, read my blogs to see what is real or start your own business in daycare, or some other service. It can be done but it does take work and some time. Feel free to ask any questions you might have.

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    Re: Any home business' that work?

    Congrats on having your baby.
    It's gonna be tough looking for a work at home job, especially one that's legit and able to make ends meet.
    Take katie's advice - start a blog, write, etc. Try not to spend much (if not at all) for this work.

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    Re: Any home business' that work?

    ill pay you 1.00 for eac of my 5000 envelopes that need to be stuffed.LOL
    You wont have to pay to look at these, plus im in the midst of opening a work at


    i'm currently working on a work at home site that should be open by next week
    with only legit work at home jobs, as long as everyone remembers there is no such thing as getting rich quick you can be Successful at many [email protected] programs. here is a link to the site i am working on not much in there yet but lots to upload to the server
    and there will for sure be a link to scam.com on it.

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    Jon Moxon Guest

    Re: Any home business' that work?

    Taking paid surveys would be the easiest way, at least i think, for you to make money. They don't require much work, also you can work at your own pace. Check out this website to see some free paid survey websites you can join. I would reccomend at least a few so that you get more paid survey offers. They are completely free to join. Start taking paid surveys for free

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    Re: Any home business' that work?

    If you do want to sign up for surveys be careful. All but a handful on the site Jon mentions are harvesting email and will just send a ton of spam. The others are sites that want you to fill out offers. There is a free and legitimate list of survey companies at www.katieshugs.com

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    Re: Any home business' that work?

    I've tried the online surveys, and have gotten no where, but that's just me. And blogs - well I'll be honest - I haven't a clue. Know what they are - but how can they be a business?

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    Re: Any home business' that work?

    You can make money with blogs pretty easily. First because you are always updating them they get indexed pretty quickly in the search engines, second you can put adsense on them and make money that way, plus you can put other affiliate advertising on them. The easiest way though is to post ads through blogitive and payperpost and you can make money almost instantly. With payperpost your blog needs to be at least 90 days old and have at least 20 posts within the last 30 days before you can get approved so again, it does take time but it is a simple way to make money. I have one friend who makes over 4,000 a month from blogging but in her case we are talking about years of blogging and she has a lot of blogs.

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