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    Letter of Opposition to Agenda 21

    Here is something I hope most people at the board will agree to oppose.
    LOCAL AGENDA 21 will destroy America we must oppose it.

    American Policy Center

    Letter of Opposition to Agenda 21
    and Sustainable Development
    The U.S. Conference of Mayors

    TO: Beverly O'Neil, President

    U.S. Conference of Mayors
    1620 I St. N.W.
    Washington, D.C. 20006

    RE: Opposition to Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development Policies

    Ms. Beverly O'Neil:

    As an American citizen, I am adamantly opposed to the policies of the UN’s Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development for the following reasons.

    1. Sustainable Development is contrary to U.S. policy of limited government and local rule. It is anti private property, anti free enterprise and anti personal freedom. It is being promoted by non-governmental organizations as a radical political agenda. It is being enforced by international edict – not by American rule of law.

    2. Sustainable Development will raise energy taxes and cost of living expenses while reducing America’s standard of living by forcing cutbacks in energy and water use. It will dictate travel choices, mandate eating decisions, and even direct career decisions. Sustainable Development is an invasion of every aspect of the personal lives of all Americans, resulting in a wrenching transformation of our way of life.

    3. Sustainable Development policies such as "smart growth" and the use of eminent domain, are causing Americans pain and misery as these "top-down" control policies are being implemented by non-elected policy boards and planning commissions. As a result, Americans are losing control of their constitutional protections of property and free choice.

    The policies of Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development are a disaster to the American economy and our way of life. Americans need more than 26 gallons of water per day. There is no reason to reduce energy consumption by 30%. Government, at any level, has no right to dictate personal decisions like the food we eat or the careers we choose. Sustainable Development is contrary to every principle of personal freedom that built this nation.

    For these reasons, I, the undersigned American citizen, demand that the U.S. Conference of Mayors withdraw its support of this disastrous international policy called Sustainable Development (as outlined in the United Nations Agenda 21 document) and support local decisions made by the citizens in individual communities, as our nation was established and as the mayors you represent were elected to do.

    Sign our petition

    Submitting the following information will email this petition to Petition goes to Mayor Beverly O'Neil, President, U.S. Conference of Mayors. Make your voice heard!



    United Nations' Local Agenda 21 (LA-21) & Communitarian Development Programme

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    Re: Letter of Opposition to Agenda 21

    American Policy Center

    Letter to President Bush

    President George W. Bush
    The White House
    Washington, DC 20500

    Dear Mr. President:
    I am writing to express my strong opposition to your efforts to
    create the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP). I believe it will
    lead to the destruction of the United States of America as a free and
    independent state. The United States is unique to any other nation
    in the world because of our justice system, our support for individual
    liberty and our protection of private property rights. And I want to keep it
    that way.
    The task force which is now creating the SPP is working to
    establish a North American Court, a North American military defense
    command and a North American executive commission. These can only
    bring about a North American government or North American Union,
    like the European Union. Worse, all of this effort is taking place in
    secret, with no Congressional oversight or debate.
    Mr. President, it is your oath to defend and protect the United
    States of American. If it is your agenda to create a North American
    Union that will supersede the sovereignty of the United States, then you
    have an obligation to tell the American people. We have a right to know.

    Signed ______________________________________________
    State ________________________
    Date ________________________




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