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    Hey guys... I've been trying hard to find a site that offers free downloads for full releases of GAMES, APPS, and MOVIES and I came to this site. Anyone here have signed up to this site?

    this are the things that they offer:
    Free downloads to all the latest full releases of games apps movies music
    Thousands of downloads because of their spider technology
    Fast servers

    to join:
    Purchase a membership from an adult site $5

    Purchase a guide or something from a site (I forgot it, just look at their website) $29

    Purchase your account through money order $29 I think

    This are the things I noticed:

    Their customer service
    - I tried to email them but got no answers from them

    - I know alot about html and a bit of php so I viewed the source code of the customer support page. I dint see any php or perl script for the form, means that the form is fake.

    I almost purchased an account to this site but I have some doubts so I didnt continued it.

    Anyone here have some experience about this site and other site like this?

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    Re: www.fullreleases.com

    never heard of it....but obviously its a scam....money order=scam 95% of the time.

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