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    Dryer Balls Scam

    I recently bought these "dryer balls" from http://www.nellieslaundry.com/ , and they claim:

    "Dryerballs will cut drying time 15-25%"

    "Less wrinkles coming out of the dryer because the clothes are not all balled up in a bunch."

    They DID NOTHING, it was like putting your clothes in the dryer with NOTHING... Wrinkly and full of lint!

    I hope they give me a refund.


    I later found this article:

    Which was buried deeper on Google from "redirect" URLs taking up the top 10!



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    Re: Dryer Balls Scam

    I ran into a seller of these balls at a trade show. I work with electronics so static is a real problem for me. Apparently these balls discharge the static in the clothes as they tumble which should keep them from bunching and they should come out with no static.

    2 Major problems with this theory.

    1) To discharge a static charge, you need to send it to an earth ground. Since the balls will not contact the clothes and the walls of the drier, they will do nothing to remove static charge.

    2) Once you take the clothes out and wear them, they will rub together causing more static. As you walk you will build up more static charge. Since you are not wearing the ball (even if it did work) the charge is not removed. When you touch someone (or an electronic circuit) the charge flows until you and the other object are equal. This discharge fries most electronics and can become painful zaps.

    Dryer sheets coat your clothes with a slightly conductive film. It discharges as you walk and as it moves though the dryer. It also acts as a fabric softener. Problem is, some people are alergic to this chemical.

    If you can, use fabric softener, but dryer balls are scam.

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