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    MLI - Taking South Africa!

    Hi all -
    The fears I had about this bogus company are now playing out - I have been all over the net grabbing any info I can about MLI (Millenium Leisure International).
    I have found that they are associated with OMI Club, VIP, and LMI (Leisure Marketing International). Now running for about 9 months in SA as MLI.

    A good friend of mine seems to be brain washed, he has joined not only as a member, but now is wearing the infamous "Black Suit".
    I wondered what happened to all the "Black Suit's" in the UK when OMI was "kicked out" in a manner of speaking?

    Too good to be true- when I saw the presentation I went and googled it and found all the dirt.

    Of course they say all the things you need to be aware of - to protect themselves - like "Don't listen to negative people, don't let anyone take away your dreams" Well before he joined he was in a loving relationship, which is now falling apart, because he spends every day on his cell coercing others to join and helping them to get their friends and family involved. This all because he wanted to settle his debts easily and afford a "lifestyle" that he thought was otherwise out of reach.

    I have read blogs and newspaper articles, I want some more authentic information, if anyone can assist me - I would appreciate it greatly!
    Thank's Angry-gal.

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    Re: MLI - Taking South Africa!

    Please take a look at this link, http://dave.funkypenguin.co.za/2006/...l-a-bit-fishy/
    The same guys who ran the illegal pyramid down in the UK are going to do the same in South Africa. Once again, I worked for these guys as their marketing manager, they are up to no good. The top man Robert Fitzpatrick is the mastermind of it all. He is the person people should know about, the rest are all following his orders. Do not touch this company... totally illegal and a pyramid scam.

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    Re: MLI - Taking South Africa!

    Robert Fitzpatrick, George Basra Singh, Paul Stevenson and Shaun (Shrek) Lingren, form what is known as a Closed Looser Group!

    Let me explain to you what a CLosed Looser Group is:

    It is a group of guys who seem to think they invented the concept that we are many, so we can negociate a discount (Truth is there never are 1000's and there are never any benefits) In fact they have been very good at selling an empty box for many years now.

    Question: If it was such a great concept why arent their original companies that claimed exactly the same, still going? -

    Freedom International, Innegex, Scotia, Ignite, Luxury Conceirge, OMI Club, VIP Club, LMI Club, C-Life, LMM Club (There are many many more)

    Answer: As soon as people realise they are being scammed, This Closed Looser Group will fold the business, f**k off with your money and open up again, under a different name, usually in another country.

    I'm sure they have already starting the process of collapsing Perfect4U. So everyone again will loose their money and The Closed Looser Group will resurface doing exactly the same under a new name, probably in a new country.

    There, I hope that explains what a Closed Looser Group is!

    Not so Perfect4U....

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