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    Avoid this company!

    www.advertisingemailcorporation.com Avoid this company. They pretend like they will only use opt in lists of people to send email advertising to, but they spam like mad. They discovered two of my email addresses somehow and they have been spamming me even after I've requested several times for them to stop spamming me.
    I feel that it is a big scam to say to people they will do email advertising for you and then they do it by spamming millions of people and give your company a bad name because then other people will start to think you agreed to the spam!! :mad:
    Broadcast Email Corporation or otherwise known as NPR corporation is a scam!
    And to top things off they hide under the cover of charity!! Can you believe the cheek!!

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    Re: Avoid this company!

    NPR, Advertising Email Corporation and Broadcast Email Corporation are all owned by spammer Robert Soloway. His activities are very well documented on the internet and the last spams I had from him were pushing his new anti-spam group Spamis. Spamis was set up for the sole purpose of attacking Microsoft who successfully sued him in 2005.

    Read all about his list of activities here:


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