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Thread: Dx Synergy

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    Dx Synergy

    Hi, you may know about this company, which was formerly called Dx-In-One.

    I just wanted to report that there's a message board out there which appears to be pimping the site, dx4all.net .. The moderators there appear to practise some very disturbing censorship, and to that end I'm posting a link here that will give you an example of what I mean. Some idiot named Shilsa, aka, Jan of Okinawa seems hell-bent on brainwashing the uninitiated with cult-like methods.

    If you know anything about 'Dx', you will know that it has had a checkered past. I don't think the principals are corrupt, but there has been strong evidence of serious incompetence, and Shilsa-Jan of Okinawa and no doubt other minions seem determined to censor anybody who would bring up the darker past for not being 'positive'..No doubt this is all about the benjamins.

    What's funny is that I don't really have a big problem with Dx, but I do despise people who pimp financial products while resisting full disclosure. My advice for anybody thinking about Dx is this, don't base your decision on that board, because they'll surely only want to show you the pretty side, in order to pick your pocket. You'll note that the message boards runs google ads, which is ironic because Dx has their own 'adsense' program.

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    Re: Dx Synergy

    And their name before DX in One was DX Gold. They've changed the name 3 times in a couple of years. I was in it when it was in DXGold and the forum you were talking about. I agree, you can't say one bad thing about DX Synergy in their forum or it will be censored, and you'll be banned like after 3 times or whatever it is now. I've quit viewing their forums because they never discuss anything new, unless you're new to the system, and you constantly have to watch what you write or it'll be removed. Either they're in league with DX, or just really wanna believe that they haven't wasted however many years it's been for them with that useless system. All they ever say is "be positive" and "it will all work out". They've been saying that for years. Be positvie?For how long? Till you're dead and still haven't gotten any money out of it? Yeah, sure, go on right ahead wasting your time and money into that thing, and maybe when you're 99 years old it'll pay off, but you'll probably die the next week.

    On top of that, I have never been able to pull one outxchange out of their DX system, although I haven't used it since it became DX Synergy, and am going to find out if I can now or not. I'm guessing, not.

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