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    Miracle Ear Problem / Scam

    Below is what they hand out and promise you...I will tell you the truth. I went into a "free hearing test" in Staten Island and saw and spoke with Paul, a Con Artist/salesman. That free test was on the promo from a local mailer I got. The mailer says $995 for a pair of aids that will help me hear 100% perfect and has nothing to do with size of the aid but loss of my hearing. The bottom line, They told me I had a large level of loss and would fit into there $3000 to $6900 level of hearing. I then said that doesnt make sense. I hear fine and I just wanted to make certain that it's not more then it should be for a 30 year old's hearing loss. I really shouldnt have even wasted my time. I went to Miracle-ear in Kings Plaza and saw a sweet young woman who told me I have no loss at all. She told me not to worry. I wanted a copy of her test to bring this scammer Paul. She said she cant give these out. (I found out through my doctor thats not true, they have to release these in my hands if I request it). My doctor also told me that he has heard many stories like mine and avoid this company like the plague. See a real doctor he said. I am not trying to down the whole company but they are known to be "sales people" not "Hearing specialist". The truth is, if you look up there records, they have been sued for false advertising and many people have filed personal small claims cases against them. BEWARE WHEN DEALING WITH THEM... THEY WILL ONLY BE AFTER YOUR MONEY. ALSO, ASK YOUR DOCTOR FOR YOUR REAL HEARING TEST AND ALSO LOOK THEM UP ON THE INTERNET FOR ALL THERE COMPLAINTS...The BBB and many others have 1000's of them for you to read over. GOOD LUCK IF YOU HAVE DEALT WITH THEM OR PLAN TO...

    Miracle-Ear has been stealing from people & “listen to life” for more money than others for about 50 years, and has become one of the most criminal brands in the industry, stealing about $250,000 per store per year just from overcharges. There "Hearing consultants" are on commish only. Miracle-Ear offers a full line of overpriced hearing instruments, along with an unmatched system of service and support where they try to get as much money as they can. With more than 1,000 locations—many in Sears—Miracle-Ear offers nationwide employment and franchise opportunities which alone should turn you off. Sears should be smart and cancel there contract with them...
    Sr VP Franchise Sls: Paul Erickson
    Sr VP Corp Sls: Scott Klein
    These are the items that they charge you for up front and to keep them maintained no matter what they say.

    all False..............

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    Re: Miracle Ear Problem / Scam

    Now, I am a bit confused here. My mother is completely deaf and has been since birth, she has 100% hearing loss in one ear and 95% hearing loss in the other ear and wears a hearing aid in the ear with 95% hearing loss only for the purpose of being able to know when there is a siren coming when she is driving, that is all the more ANY hearing aid can do for her, and over the years she has been able to distinguish if it is an Ambulance, police car, fire turck and so on based on the pitch of whatever noise it is she hears. So I am very familiar with hearing aid devices and what types are available and deafness.

    While I agree the claims made by Miracle Ear are a scam, as there is NO Miracle cure for deafness, but what I am not understanding is the list you provided of items that you say they charge you for upfront to keep them maintained. The items in the list can not physically be used all by one person for the purpose of hearing as some of them are completely different types of hearing aids altogether and unless you have about 8 ears its impossible for one person to even use all those devices. Obviously it doesn't take a genious to figure out you can't stick 4 different things in each ear, so I am wondering if possibly this is the list of the different types they offer and maintian and charge you an arm and a leg for with their worthless bull promises, but you select from that list (or rather they push you in to buying the most expensive they can con you into) which version you would buy, because it is physically impossible for any one person to use all these different styles of hearing aids.
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    Re: Miracle Ear Problem / Scam

    this is absurd. First of all..i am a miracle ear employee. consultants ARE NOT ALL on commission..they are first on salary..commission is an OPTION. secondly..all miracle ear testing is free...ALL FREE. For the person you've delt with, if you felt you were scammed, then contact his corporate manager. Simple. You didnt get SCAMMED CAUSE NO MONEY WAS EXCHANGED! come on! Plus...all consultant MUST BE REGISTERED THRU THE STATE AND BE CERTIFIED!

    Please look into something before you so called pin the scam word on it. Miracle ear is a great company that helps a wide range of people with many disabilities..and again..all consulants must pass a test inorder to because specialist or they cannot work in the hearing industry.

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    Re: Miracle Ear Problem / Scam

    plus..this site needs to be shut down...the only words they put emphanis on is S C A M. :madgo:nice..well this website blows, and is a true testomate on how bored and ill equipped people are to deal with the reality of merchants!

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    Re: Miracle Ear Problem / Scam

    Quote Originally Posted by kjp2082000 View Post
    The poster is simply saying that the operation is a scam, not that he was scammed. They tried to convince him that his hearing was impaired when in fact it was not. That is a scam, whereby the purpose is to take money from someone by lieing to them.

    I for one am thankful to all the posters on here who relay such information to the public because the use of scams similar to this one to take people's hard earned money will forever be in existence and will forever need to be exposed.

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    Re: Miracle Ear Problem / Scam

    I have had 3 audiograms done at ENT offices - and have gotten within normal on all. I went to Miracle ear and their audiogram showed I had profound losses in the low frequencies. I do not think the audiologist on staff was actively trying to scam me, however the conditions for the hearing test was pretty bad. No sound-proofed room, little earbuds instead of the headphones, etc - you could hear the electricity from the computers and the telephone ring. No idea why they had no sound-proofed room.

    I asked for the audiogram and they wouldn't give it to me, either. Any reason for this?

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    Re: Miracle Ear Problem / Scam

    How to choose hearing aids ? Can you help me?

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    Re: Miracle Ear Problem / Scam

    I want to say a few words here. I am now 3 years-plus an owner of two MIRACLE EAR hearing aids. One with a heavy amplifier section and another with a light one. Both are "behind the ear" models.

    The larger one goes over my right ear which I lost due to fluid passing through a fistula in my round window, flooding the nerve with perilymphatic fluid, and as you know, that's the end of good hearing. It's "profoundly" deaf, in clinical speak. I'd say I have 10% hearing, and with one earbud headset in it, I can barely understand words with volume clear up. It's virtually deaf. Yet, with the hearing ad in place my one benefit is that my wife doesn't have to raise her voice while I drive the car (with her to my bad ear, of course).
    I think that the plastic used to form the outside shell of that unit is either cheap as heck or it had an air bubble in it, because one day the small end of it (where the tube goes in) just shattered one day while I had it between two fingers to pull it out of my ear at the end of the day. No warranty, sorry.

    Well, why didn't you use a nylon plastic, the same stuff they make gears out of, a plastic that won't break? Then, a month later the left unit went out. Well I don't need it that badly. That ear's normal for my age (73 yrs). It DID allow me to hear the high frequency of rustling palm fronds and other stuff of that nature. But I did find that the high frequencies often made normal speech at normal distances hard to understand...so I am better off without that unit.

    M.E. gal at Superstition Springs Sears offered to repair it with a 6 month warranty for $260 or with a year warranty for $360.

    My pal Eddy has had his unit for just over 20 years. It came from a competitor and is still working and he can't hear squat without it. His other ear is 100% deaf from a German bomb that landed too close to him in France during World War Two.

    I think I paid way too much for it, but that's my fault, not Miracle Ear's fault. See, I paid $5000 for those two units. My other friend, Ken, has units identical to mine so much so that my remote control changes HIS units. HE says they are made by Siemens, not Miracle Ear...that Miracle Ear just sells them same as the competitor to Miracle Ear who sold Ken his...HE paid just $2500 for them.

    Why'd I pay that much? Well I went to one guy who was a nut and I could not get out of there quickly enuf. His hearing test was to rattle a rattlesnake rattle alongside my head. 2nd place was some teeny bopper "girl" (I could not call her a woman). She was a dip and could not answer half my questions, so by the time I rolled up at M.E. and the salesman was as professional as a competent physician, and knew a LOT and was very comforting.

    He told me that if the aids did not help me I could get a 100% refund within the 1st 30 days. I am fortunate and the $5000 was not scary to me, but no one has money to throw away, and if I'd been to where my pals got theirs, I'd have gotten good aids, like Ken who bought his Siemens for half that much.

    So am I satisfied? No not really. I think the one unit should have lasted longer than 3 years and the other one that shattered was made out of disappointingly cheap plastic.

    The one that shattered was easily fixed by me. I gingerly filled the gaps left by the departed plastic chips with little globs of gel-type super glue and it is totally solidly filled in with a material that will never shatter. I don't think it'd ever come apart for a repairman, so for as long as it keeps working I will keep on using it.

    If you are not happy with what I wrote, and you want to reply, I only ask that you reply with the same courtesy with which I wrote this and avoid the use of profanity, which some who can hide behind their computer often do these days on these types of chat boards.

    Thank you.
    Rocky in Arizona

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    Re: Miracle Ear Problem / Scam

    You see just above I wrote how I lost my one unit in August of 2010? How within that same time frame my 2nd one broke and I super-glued it back? Well the 2nd unit quit on September 20, 2010. I feel these things are cheap junk and do not fit within the "FITNESS OF MERCHANTABILITY" definitions in commercial common law. That said I don't think I can sue them. Since I bought the units I have been admitted to the Veterans Adm. healthcare program. I will have my doc send me to the audiologist and get new hearing aids free. MY FINAL THOUGHTS ON MIRACLE EAR?? Avoid the SOBs like the plague. Miracle Ear employees can get on here and flame me, but I know what I know.....that it's cheap junk made with cheap, fragile plastic.
    Rocky in Arizona (on final flyover here)

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    Re: Miracle Ear Problem / Scam

    In all fairness to Miracle Ear, the owner called me yesterday, when alerted by his staff that I had cancelled my appointment due to the fact that both my hearing aids had died. He offered to repair the two units for half the cost. It'd be about $700. I told him I'd let him know if the Veterans Adm. health plan I have did not offer me hearing aids as part of my VA benefits.
    Thank you for reading this 3rd entry. I think that was pretty fair.

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