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    6-K Financial - Frederick Mann

    Even though I have many years of business and marketing experience
    In the “traditional” world, I am fairly new to online marketing.

    The internet is plagued by self-serving snake-oil salesmen and thieves
    with the integrity of gangsters who have no concern for lives they damage
    with the bull-sh*t scams they are offering.

    The most recent one to “fu*k” (sorry) people over was 6k-financial. It
    appears to have also taken experienced marketers like Frederick Mann
    for a ride as well…or as it appears. Frederick has a large following
    in his Monsterprelaunch program and many us lost a lot of money
    because he HIGHLY recommended we invest in 6-K.

    In fact over the past several months he HIGHLY recommended other
    programs with assurances of honest administrators, etc, etc. Sites that
    were eventually shut down by these so-called honest administrators.

    As a result of this, I bet that Frederick Mann’s integrity is being questioned.
    And maybe it should be. Has greed taken over? Is he taking advantage of
    his large membership by recommending “shady” programs for self-serving

    There was no apology sent to members by Mr. Mann for recommending
    scams like 6-K (and others). Making comments, like “cut your losses and move on” just don’t seem right to me. I feel that an experienced marketer should “thoroughly” investigate an opportunity before recommending it to members.

    My advice before getting involved with ANY company is to look at the
    marketability of its product. If the program involves selling a product,
    will people buy it? How do you know what people are buying? Well, it's quite simple. If the business has been running for a while then people are still buying the product. If you buy something and feel good about it then the
    chances are damn high that there will be a lot more people that will
    feel just as good as you did about buying it.

    Have a great day!
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