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    premier books/aliron marketing

    PREMIER BOOKS/ALIRON MARKETING IS A BUNCH OF BOLOGNA! This is one of those book and gift placement companies. You know, you go into schools or business and leave a bunch of their crappy samples in the lunch room and come back a week later and fill any orders. If you work in a school or office you have probably seen it and maybe even bought stuff.
    I was involved with this company for a while and would like to warn anyone from getting involved with them. They will blow a lot of smoke up your ass about how you can make a living with them and only have to work 8 hours a day. What they don't tell you is that after you are done running all over the place leaving their crap at business and schools, you will have several hours of work to do at home on your computer entering data into their website, balancing money, preparing their deposits and preparing for the next day. Anything that is stolen, lost or broken is your responsibility and you have to pay for it. They call that the cost of doing business. You have to secure a large storage space to keep the merchandise that they consign to you which will run at least $250.00 a month. You will need to have a large gas guzzling van or bread truck to carry all their crap around to fill orders. And they only pay you 25% of everything you sell. What about the weekends you say. Well you will have to spend most of that time trying to reconcile their inventory (which will never match what they say you have in stock), putting batteries into the crap that runs on them, fix broken crap, unpacking boxes to get their crap ready to take out to display. Itís a bad deal unless you like to work 16 hours a day for next to nothing.

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    Re: premier books/aliron marketing

    I forgot to mention that premier books/aliron marketing sells inovage products and claims to be associated with D.A.R.E. They claim to donate money each year to the organization and we were told to make sure we used this as a tool to get into the schools that refused the service.

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