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    Vacation Rental Reservation Scam

    I have a Vacation Rental and received this. WATCH OUT!

    From: Albert Woodman [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Friday, December 08, 2006 11:33 AM
    To: Innkeeper
    Subject: $299 / 2br - Napa Valley Elegance -- DECEMBER SPECIAL (napa county)/PAYMENT DETAILS.

    Hello ,

    Thanks for your assistance so far in this transaction. I'm happy to inform you that I have concluded with my client, Pastor Jim Robinson and he has asked me to proceed with the transaction. He has further asked me to inform you that this vacation is being sponsored by the church committee members on behalf of him and his wife Mrs Carolyn Robinson.

    Already, a cashier's check of { $16,200 } has been mapped by the church committee members to cover his expenses on accommodation and cars they will use during their stay in a hotel whose quality of service according to my client is not up to standard.

    Though he has confided in me that the reason for turning down the hotel arrangement earlier made by the church committee members was because of their exorbitant cost of lodging compared with the quality of service they have to render which according to him is not up to standard. Therefore he and his wife decided to rent an apartment and stay for a while since they're not used to using hotels.Besides, he would like to assist some of his colleagues that do not have the privilege of being sponsored on this trip, by providing them with cars which they'll use during their stay with part of his remaining funds.

    I have therefore been mandated by my client to forward your payment information to the church for them to make out this payment in your name/business name so that he will be sure that he has been booked for the periods agreed upon.

    Pls note, My client explained to me that why you are to receive this payment in this amount is because the money being used for the payment was a donation made to the church by a christain organisation in support of his accommodation cost and so the church has decided to forward your payment information directly to the sponsors so that they can see where their money is going into.

    He also told me that he will be traveling to the states today for an important Evangelical conference meeting they have and would also like to make arrangement with a car hiring company which will provide them with cars that will come pick them up at the airport on their arrival day and also the cars they will use throughout their stay.

    PLS NOTE; When you receive check payment, you are expected to deduct the cost of your service which is { $7,969.21 } and send down the remaining balance of { $8,230.79 } to the car rental company which he's going to contract for their services.

    As I mentioned earlier, the accommodation is only for my client, Pastor Jim Robinson and his wife.

    Please confirm the above and provide your payment information for your payment to be delivered to you via courier service.

    Please provide the following:
    1-LEGAL NAME IN FULL..............
    2.CONTACT ADDRESS.....................
    3.PHONE NUMBER(S)...........................

    I will be expecting your mail with full payment information so that we can proceed. Thanks.

    Kind Regards,
    67 St Mary's Mansions
    Maida Avenue Little Venice W2 Isy England.

    You can call me on the following number for any questions you may have, +447031910138 ( add 011 before dialing, that's your country's international phone code).

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    Re: Vacation Rental Reservation Scam

    Just use homeaway.com and book from a reputable source. They even offer insurance so if you do find yourself locked out or in a rental that is nowhere near what the description says, you are placed in another rental that night and have money refunded.

    The people that they are talking about in this article are greedy idiots or just plain stupid. Those are the only two options on how to describe the losers. It's like me telling you that I have a penthouse room at the Hyatt that you can have for only $100 a night, just wire me the money. Morons
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    Re: Vacation Rental Reservation Scam

    Just be careful! Remember that the timeshare industry is well known for the timeshare scams. There is a good article: http://www.timesharescam.com/blog/20...f-a-timeshare/

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