Research any company nowadays from Wal-Mart to Microsoft and the first page of Google sure enough will show a few hate sites or boards that collect consumer complaints.

Why is this you ask? Good question.

Well a happy customer has no need to go and build a website showing how great a company or product is, that was part of the reason he or she spent money with a company.

But a unhappy customer takes his business to the competition, this was before the Internet, now as simple as a click of a mouse a disgruntled employee can excuse a company of anything he or she feels like writing, an unhappy jaded customer can create elaborate websites designed for one thing to attack someone or something he or she feels is wrong based sometimes by fact most time by opinion. Lets face it folks not everyone loves to eat pizza. So should a nationally recognized Pizza chain be put under scrutiny because an ex-employee starts a website saying that there is something special in the special sauce? Of course not, but it is not so easy to see an obvious attack. People have gone so far as to Photoshop fake criminal records of CEO’s to putting up forged “customer testimonials”.

People love gossip and attention. It is easy to believe wrong is being done in corporate America because it is on the news and television everyday. The average consumer has a pre-conceived negative attitude from the start and falls easily victim to these websites where disgruntled employees and consumers alike now have center stage and feel important and receive the attention they are so desperately looking for.

99.9999 % percent of all companies want and try to make consumers happy and go well beyond to make the consumer experience great but alas we are all human and make mistakes. So next time you research something on the internet do yourself a favor if you read something negative ask your self this who is writing this and why? If you do not know the person’s real name or it is on a site that makes money through advertising by posting these kind of postings, please give that company a chance and speak to them about what you read, don’t be the first to cast a stone.