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    Cheque scam please advise

    Last saturday i receved a check for the value of £3000 from kleeneze(work from home) I have requested information off them in the past. on the same saturday i cashed the cheque and recieved £300 I have to wait for the cheque to clear b4 i can have the full amount. What i want to know is if the cheque appears cleared on the companys computer and a month later it has actully bounce am i in trouble.I do not know y i recieved the cheque any advise on this is really appeciated thanx.

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    Re: Cheque scam please advise

    This absolutely sounds like a scam and YES you will be responsible for any funds you took out of your bank if the check does not clear. Unfortunately, these check scams take about a month to come full-circle before a victim finds out the check was counterfeit.

    That's how these demons are able to get your money because nothing is discovered to be wrong (by you, your bank, or the bank that the counterfeit check is drawn on) until way after the fact..........long after they have your money.

    I'm a little surprised though because usually they want you to send them some sort of money out of the check they send you. Did you do this??? If not, DON"T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell them you're waiting 60 days to make sure the check clears and I guarantee it WON"T!

    Be smart. If it sounds too good to be true, it is!

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