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    Billion Dollar Church Raffle?

    I came across a site and signed up does anyone have any information on this site?


    Thank you

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    Re: Billion Dollar Church Raffle?

    I took one look at it and thought scam. The first warning is the music. The site looks poorly put together as well. 10,000 churches are in on this? Give me a break. I don't know about churches around the country but, every church located in my area is ALWAYS asking for donations. $500,000,000 is the prize listed for the grand prize winner? If that REALLY was the case, it would be ALL OVER THE NEWS. Churches need donations from their parishioners in order to keep the parish running and to donate to certain charities. Legitimate parishes would never donate any of their money in order to sponsor some unscrupulous online contest. Best stay clear of this one.

    Not to mention, I checked out their FAQ. They pretty much require a donation of $1,100 Canadian (or $997 American). Go figure.
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    Re: Billion Dollar Church Raffle?

    sounds toooo good to be true, sounds like it evaporated, obliterated slashed or even deniend but or cancelled and man how could a church or churches that a baa beee begging for money be doing this, laughable and applaudable no one can dish out that type of money, not even the lottery ticket can go up the the billions. common logics tell you it is fake phony liars, pulling the wool over your eyes. You need a drink of TEQUILA then you wake up to your senses. If it sounds like a lie it is a lie do your self a favor and drink a shot of TEQUILA!

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    Re: Billion Dollar Church Raffle?

    Thank you for your opinions.

    The site launched yesterday I can find no press releases anywhere.

    It seems to be hosted in the UK

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