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Thread: 6k- Finance

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    6k- Finance

    I thought people ought to see the email I just received about 6K - Finance and it's links to the people involved in 12Daily Pro.I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole :mad:

    12 Daily Pro is back....only a little different! (credit) Show full header

    Charis Johnson was the person who ran 12Daily Pro before it was shut down by the SEC. She
    is back, associated with a company of 120+ people called "6K-FINANCE.com"

    12 DP can exist trouble free........... It just needs to be run from outside the
    US..........and it needs to use e-gold.......the most bullet-proof form of payment

    The owner of e-gold is in Austrailia I think. I read several articles and interviews
    about e-gold.

    He apparently has many stacks of legal proceedings....of one form or another. For years
    his attorneys have done what ever is necessary to construct the proper barriers to
    interference of any kind. The owner is adamant that he is doing the right thing, and
    since he is not in the US, we have little to worry about.

    No one can make this guy blink. He and his powerful attorneys and has basically created
    a CURRENCY...backed by GOLD....Truly, E-Gold has MORE GOLD that most nations....including
    the US!

    So, I have no worries about e-gold being there, or ever having a situation where my money
    disappears the way it did with Storm Pay.

    Anyway 12DP is back....as an HYIP....not an AutoSurf. You make 12% for 12 Days PAID DAILY
    to your e-gold account!

    Charis Johnson is at the Helm of what, for the past 41 days, has been called the most
    stable Internet high yield investment.

    The growth from 0 to over 5,000 investors with deposits totaling almost 6 Million shows
    that many other people AGREE!

    Check it out at: http://6k-finance.com/?refid=FreedomWave
    Have you got your Dizzler yet?
    Great FREE way to promote your business. :

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    Re: 6k- Finance

    I should have seen this post earlier......the aura of the 6k-finance website does remind you 12DP, esp. the graphics used. Well, payment came in good time the first few days, but none has come since 04th Nov.!!!!! Still hoping, though........

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