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    Re: Stop e-mail scam. Its real.

    How nice. A Russian scammer, probably looking for legit email addresses from the registration process, with servers located in Berlin.

    Save yourself the trouble of jumping over to his website; none of what he talked about is there. It's 3 pages of gibberish.


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    Re: Stop e-mail scam. Its real.

    I am soooo tired of these scammers and spammers! I have spent over three days deleting spam email from my emails, my husband's email and another client who was getting around 200 spam a day. For the last couple of days, I've been banning IP's from Russia, Korea, Venezuela, Pakistan and China from accessing my site. I know some people say this is not a good idea, but I decided to only do business with people in the US, and feel safe to do this for my husband's website (I seriously doubt he will be doing a mobile dj job in Ukraine anytime soon).

    And I don't know how they got around this, but a week ago I was so thrilled to have noticed that two of my emails that I use on php form scripts never receive SPAM, so I thought great, I'll just update my site by removing all email references and only using the forms so that potential clients can contact me. That's until yesterday, one of them received one from supposedly PayPal service needing to update my bank information. :mad: :mad: :mad:
    :cool: pam buenaventura

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    Re: Stop e-mail scam. Its real.

    There is a job above correct translation of a site. You put forward serious accusations. Before to accuse us of dishonesty, I advise you to check up it. You can receive the new e-mail address not necessary to you to check up the accusations. Your message - the true gibberish! Your accusations are not confirmed with the facts. You can check up all over again the theory, and then already publish the conclusions! LuvNLife, I am not going to swear at you, but than you can confirm the guesses? It not scientifically - to shout about what you do not know! Check up the conclusions and apologize for premature accusations!

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