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    Has anyone read "blogging to the bank" by Rib Benwell

    I need a major boost for my blog and Rob Benwell's "blogging to the bank" like like the answer but I'd love a second opinion before I empty my bank acconts



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    TheRealStraightShooter Guest

    Re: Has anyone read "blogging to the bank" by Rib Benwell

    Rob's no idiot. If you don't know the first thing about blogging, it's probably not a bad place to start.

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    Re: Has anyone read "blogging to the bank" by Rib Benwell

    Two great and free resources for bloggers are www.problogger.com and http://www.momgadget.com/forum/index.php The second one is a forum recently set up by Gayla who owns numerous blogs and makes over $4,000 a month from blogging. She is probably the most helpful person I have ever met when it comes to sharing her knowledge freely.

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    Re: Has anyone read "blogging to the bank" by Rib

    Cant access momgadget now, does she have another url ?

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    Re: Has anyone read "blogging to the bank" by Rib

    It's a scam. I've paid the money. I received a mail telling me to get a website name and a pay per click account and also to choose a colour for my site. It would be created for me. It's been almost two months now and nothing. I was robbed and asked payperclick to give me my money back. And Blogging To The Bank has the gall to take the same amount monthly without even doing the work that was promised. DO NOT BUY THEIR PRODUCTS, THEY ARE THIEVES!!

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