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Thread: FREE xbox 360??

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    FREE xbox 360??

    hi i was looking around and found gadgetcity.com for a free Xbox 360..

    i wanted to try one of these out, but had a few questions..

    is gadgetcity.com reliable?

    is there any other better website for getting an xbox 360?

    i tried doing the xbox 360 one...but i wasn't sure what to do..

    can someone who did xbox 360 from gadgetcity help me out step by step on how to do it??


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    Re: FREE xbox 360??

    could someone help me out on which offers i should do??



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    Re: FREE xbox 360??

    Search this forum for gadgetcity.com and you will see at least one thread...Gadgetcity is reliable - they are a YF Direct site. They take a while to fulfill, but they have great customer service. I got an iPod from gadgetcity.com. It takes six to eight weeks from the time you complete your last offer until your offers fully credit. Then once you print out your certificates and mail them in, it takes another six to eight weeks to get the gift.

    As far as which offers to do, I am not sure which offers are on each page of their site now.

    Hope this helps.


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    Re: FREE xbox 360??

    does anyone know around how much i must spend on these offers on gadgetcity.com to get the xbox 360??

    which offers are the cheapest and easiest to do?


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    Re: FREE xbox 360??

    You can just go to the gadgetcity topic on this site it has it all there. I did the PSP offer and I'm waiting the 6-8 weeks for them to ship it. I spent about $15 dollars for it.

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